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Mar 06, 2021
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Iraqi Political Analyst Haitham Al-Khazali: The Zionists In Palestine Are Khazars – Not Jews; We Share No Common Forefathers, Divine Values; Pope's Visit To Iraq, U.S. 'Pleading' With Iran – Prove Shi'ite Victory

#8737 | 02:59
Source: Al-Etejah TV (Iraq)

Iraqi political analyst Haitham Al-Khazali said that the "Zionists in Palestine" are not Jews, but Khazars, and therefore Muslims share no forefathers with them or divine values. He made these remarks on a show that aired on Etejah TV (Iraq) on March 6, 2021. Al-Khazali said that "the Zionists" are plundering Muslim lands and occupying their holy places and that the Khazars had converted to Judaism because they similar to the Tatars, who were just to their north, they lived off looting and plundering , and Judaism was in line with their ways. He continued to say that today, it is the Shi'ites who represent genuine Islam, which rejects normalization with "the Zionists." Al-Khazali added that the Pope's visit to Najaf, which took place the day the show was aired, and the U.S. "pleading" Iran to return to negotiations show the victory of the Shi'ites and demonstrate that all other methods are useless.

Haitham Al-Khazali: "A study published this year by a Russian scientist in the field of DNA proved that most Israelis are not descended from the Prophet Isaac, and that they are not related in any way to Jacob and Abraham. The origins of the Zionists who live in Palestine today are in the Khazar state, in southern Russia, where there were Muslims, Christians and Jews. The king wanted to unite them. The Jewish rabbi assassinated his Muslim counterpart so he could not participate in the debate. At the debate, the Christian cleric said that he acknowledged Moses and the Torah, whereas the [rabbi] said that he did not acknowledge the New Testament and Jesus. And so Judaism was proclaimed to be the state religion in that country.

"Jews are forbidden from stealing from one another, fornicating with one another, usurping the money of one another, but they are permitted to do these things. The Khazar state was similar to the Tatar state that was further north, and lived off looting and plundering. So [the Khazars] converted to Judaism, which was in line with their ways. Later on, Tsarist Russia annexed the Khazar state, and the [Khazar Jews] infiltrated from the Khazar state to Eastern Europe, and then to the rest of Europe.

"At the time of deportation they were gathered and brought to Palestine. Theodor Herzl is from the Khazar state. Thus, the Jews in Palestine do not have the same forefather as us, and they do not have our divine values, because they are Zionists, not Jews. We have nothing in common with them, and they are plundering our lands and occupying our holy places.


"Today it is the Shi'ites who represent the genuine Islam of Muhammed, which defends the basic principle of Islam and rejects normalization with the Zionists."

Interviewer: "Whereas the other side gives in to normalization..."

Al-Khazali: "What is preventing submission and normalization [with Israel]... all the Western countries know is that the Shi'ite countries who are preventing normalization [with Israel] and the infringement on Muslims' rights and the rights of Palestinians to their lands. The Pope's visit to Najaf as well as the U.S. pleading with the Islamic Republic to negotiate with it show the steadfastness and victory of the Shi'ites and that all the methods employed by others were useless. Even the terrorist gangs that were sent to Iraq were buried by the Iraqis in their soil."

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