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May 31, 2021
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Eichmann Abu Atwan, Father Of Palestinian Prisoner On Hunger Strike In Israeli Prison: My Son Is Not Violent, He Only Wanted To Liberate His Land Using Any Means Possible

#8943 | 01:33
Source: Online Platforms - "Maan Network"

Eichmann Abu Atwan, the father of Ghadanfar Eichmann Abu Atwan, a Palestinian prisoner who has been on hunger strike since May 5, talked about his son's situation in an interview that aired on Maan Network (Palestine) on May 31, 2021. He said that his son is not violent or a terrorist, he only wants to liberate his land using any means possible. On June 23, 2021, Ghadanfar Eichmann Abu Atwan's uncle, Munif Abu Atwan, who is serving five consecutive life sentences in Israeli prison for the role he played in the murder of four Israeli youths in 2002, also started a hunger strike in solidarity with his nephew.

Interviewer: "Dear viewers, we brought you the story of the prisoner Ghadanfar Abu Atwan, who has been on hunger strike in Israeli prison for 27 days. Today, we meet with prisoner Ghadanfar's father, Mr. Eichmann Abu Atwan. Please tell us more about the state of prisoner Ghadanfar, on the 27th day of his hunger strike."

Eichmann Abu Atwan: "Ghadanfar has been on hunger strike for 27 days, with no food or water.


"My message is directed at the whole world, which purports to champion human rights. To this moment, the Red Cross has not picked up the phone and called us, in order to ask about my son. My message to the world is: See what this enemy is doing to us. We seek freedom. We want to liberate our land, using any possible means. My son is not violent. He is not a terrorist. My son demands his freedom and the liberation of his land, like any Palestinian on the face of the Earth."

Interviewer: "I thank you very much, Mr. Eichmann Abu Atwan, the father of prisoner Ghadanfar who has been on hunger strike for 27 days. Thank you very much."

Abu Atwan: "Thank you."

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