March 30, 2023 Special Announcements No. 1329

The MEMRI Weekly: March 24-31, 2023

March 30, 2023
Special Announcements No. 1329

The following are links to reports from MEMRI's Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and Analysis Series, as well as to transcripts from the MEMRI TV Project, released during the past week.


Special Dispatch No. 10547 – In Video, Afghan Islamic Cleric Khalifa Deen Mohammad: Europeans Send Girls To Have Sex With Asylum Seekers To Remove Them From Islam, Asylum Seekers Serve Pork In Hotels, March 31, 2022

Special Dispatch No. 10546 – As Russian National Deficit Grows, Government Seeks To Persuade Citizens To Voluntarily Extend It Long-Term Credit, March 31, 2022

Special Dispatch No. 10545 – Qatari Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Qatar Is Continuing Iran-U.S. Mediation For A Breakthrough In The Nuclear Issue – And Is Also Continuing Its Opposition To Normalization With Syria's Assad Regime And Its Return To The Arab League, March 31, 2022

Special Dispatch No. 10543 – Column In Pakistan's Leading Urdu Daily Examines Chinese President Xi Jinping's Visit To Moscow: 'China Is Now Embarking On A Well-Defined Path As A New Superpower In The 21st Century', March 30, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10544 – Palestinian Official: The Only Solution Is To Wage Armed Resistance Against Israel Until Palestine Is Liberated From The River To The Sea And From Ras Al-Naqoura In The North to Umm Rashrash In The South, March 30, 2023

Inquiry and Analysis No. 1683 – Following Renewal Of Saudi-Iranian Relations, Debate In Jordanian Press Over Whether Jordan Should Also Reconcile With Iran, March 29, 2023

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 471 – Heart And Mind: A Quarter Century Of The MEMRI 'Brand' , March 29, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10542 – Russian Columnist Karaulov: Poland Poses A Threat To Its European Neighbors, March 28, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10541 – Article In Jordanian Daily: Ramadan Is The Month Of Jihad And Martyrdom; The Palestinians Must Come To Jerusalem To Defend Al-Aqsa; The Muslims Must Sever Ties With The Treacherous Jews, March 28, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10540 – Former Palestinian Authority Minister: We Shouldn't Gloat Over The Demonstrations In Israel – Our Situation Is No Better , March 27, 2023



MEMRI TV Clip No. 10203 – Tehran University Professor Sadegh Zibakalam: Annihilation Of Israel, Fighting America Were Not Goals Of The 1979 Revolution; The Regime Uses These Slogans To Cover Its Failure To Uphold Accountability, Free Elections, Independent Judiciary, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10202 – Razan Al-Ajami, First Saudi Woman To Get Skydiving License, Unfurls Saudi Flag While Skydiving, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10201 – Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil Warns Arab Countries Against Allying With Russia, China: Don't Make A Losing Bet – Stick With The West, Which Has Helped You Progress And Flourish, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10200 – Tunisian TV Personality Achref Al-Kooli Sparks Controversy: According To Science, Logic, And Philosophy, The Earth Is Flat And Infinite; I Am Not Ashamed To Defend This Idea, Elhiwar Ettounsi TV (Tunisia)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10199 – Saudi Political Analyst Ahmad Al-Shahri: The Arab World Might Become A Significant Axis In Global Politics; We Strive For Peace, But The Rest Of The World Creates Crises In The Region, Sky News Arabia (UAE)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10198 – Former Egyptian Minister Of Youth And Sports Ali Eldin Hilal: Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia Never Took Seriously The Idea Of An Anti-Iran Regional Alliance, MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10197 – Senior Hamas Official Khalil Al-Hayya: Israel Is The Head Of The Serpent; By Fighting It We Weaken Its Bad Global Influence; Qatar And Iran Support Us, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10196 – Former Jordanian Interior Minister Samir Habashneh: Israel Is Becoming A Jewish ISIS; Jordanians Should Stockpile Weapons, Ammunition Against This Threat, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10195 – Former President Of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani: If Coalition Forces Completely Withdraw From Iraq, ISIS Will Have A 'Powerful Comeback', BBC Arabic (The UK)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10194 – Former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim: Iraq Needs A Benevolent Dictator Like Saddam Hussein To Collect The Weapons Held By The Shiite And Sunni Factions, BBC Arabic (The UK)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10193 – PLA Unveils Pocket-Sized Hummingbird Drone For Use In Reconnaissance, Urban Combat, Special Operations; Expert: Future Drones Will Be Indistinguishable From Insects, Marine Animals, The Internet


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