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Mar 16, 2023
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Tunisian TV Personality Achref Al-Kooli Sparks Controversy: According To Science, Logic, And Philosophy, The Earth Is Flat And Infinite; I Am Not Ashamed To Defend This Idea

#10200 | 01:31
Source: Elhiwar Ettounsi TV (Tunisia)

Tunisian TV personality Achref Al-Kooli said in a March 17, 2023 talk show that aired on Elhiwar Ettounisi TV (Tunisia) that the earth is flat. He said that after reading the Quran, the Torah, the New Testament, and the books of "several civilizations," he can "confirm" that the Earth is flat, "in keeping with science, logic, philosophy, and the history of civilization." Al-Kooli said: "I am defending this idea, in which I absolutely believe, and I'm not ashamed." He elaborated that not only is the Earth flat, but also infinite like the sky is, and he disagreed with the show's host, who argued that if you fly a plane in a straight line, you will eventually return to your point of origin. Al-Kooli's statements sparked controversy in Tunisia.

Achref Al-Kooli: "Since I learned how to read, I would sit at home and read books. I would actually read. I am not talking about reading on Facebook.



"I read the Quran, but not out of religious fanaticism. I read the Torah, the New Testament, and [the books] of several civilizations.


"I can confirm, in keeping with science, logic, philosophy, and the history of civilization, that the Earth is flat and not [round], like people think. The Earth stretches far and wide, and it is infinite. It is the same like me asking you where the heavens end, if the Earth is round.


"Where does the sky end? People don't know."

Interviewer: "It is infinite."

Al-Kooli: "So the Earth is infinite in the same sense.


"I am defending this idea in which I absolutely believe, and I'm not ashamed..."

Interviewer: "In physics..."

Al-Kooli: "That's another thing.


"I will have you know — and this is the absolute truth — that the Earth is extremely vast and the heavens fit in layers above it."

Interviewer: "But if you take a plane and fly it straight, it gets you back to the same place."

Al-Kooli: "No, it doesn't."

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