March 31, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10547

In Video, Afghan Islamic Cleric Khalifa Deen Mohammad: Europeans Send Girls To Have Sex With Asylum Seekers To Remove Them From Islam, Asylum Seekers Serve Pork In Hotels

March 31, 2023
Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 10547

In a recent video, noted Afghan Islamic scholar Khalifa Deen Mohammad advanced conspiracy theories, saying that Afghan youths are languishing in European detention centers without being accepted as refugees because the Europeans tempt them with women to divert them away from Islam.

In the video, which was shared on Twitter on March 24, 2023, Khalifa Deen Mohammad, who is the head of the Ulama Shura (the Council of Islamic Religious Scholars of Kabul), said that Muslim asylum seekers in European countries are also provided women with whom to have sex and are given pork to eat, which is forbidden in Islam.

Following are excerpts from Khalifa Deen Mohammad's speech in Pashtu:

"I heard of some tattles in Mansehra [district of Pakistan] and then [narrated them] in public meetings. Lots of people used to escape from [Afghan refugee] camps there toward Europe. So, I spoke very harsh words, the extreme shameful points so that the people can learn a lesson."

"I [delivered] a speech and when I came to the room, a cleric told me: what you said is true. [He said] my nephew escaped [to Europe] without informing me. It's his eighth year but [he] has not been accepted [as a refugee]. Why? [Because] for acceptance there, the condition is that there the rooms and guesthouses are owned by the government... There [the asylum seekers] say that if [he] escaped from Muslims they [will] kill me."

"You have to show yourself as communist. One [condition] will be this. The second is that they send girls to your room at night to test you [to see] on what basis you have come."

"You cannot refuse to have sex with the girl, and that it is forbidden. If refused, she will spy on you and will say that he is a Muslim, and he is lying that he has come from... There only the 'AIDS Card' works. A disease caused by adultery is called AIDS. Those who have that Card can present an excuse to the girl that I have the AIDS disease and it can be transmitted to you. Otherwise, they do not spare you."

"He [the cleric] said: My nephew said that 'I do not do these things,' [and] that is the reason that it is his eight year [in Europe], but not accepted [as a refugee]."

"[Asylum seekers] do everything for them. They work in hotels. If pork is cooked, they serve it to people."

Source:, March 24, 2023, March 24, 2023.

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