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Mar 13, 2023
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Former Egyptian Minister Of Youth And Sports Ali Eldin Hilal: Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia Never Took Seriously The Idea Of An Anti-Iran Regional Alliance

#10198 | 01:16
Source: MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

Former Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports Ali Eldin Hilal said on a March 15, 2023 show on MBC Misr TV (Egypt/Saudi Arabia) that regional powers such as Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia never took seriously the idea of a regional alliance against Iran. He said that the countries agreed to attend meetings about these alliances at the request of the Americans even though they knew that it would never work.

Interviewer: "Israel is the biggest loser in this agreement [between Saudi Arabia and Iran]."

Ali Eldin Hilal: "Yes, of course."

Interviewer: "Has the dream that was promoted about a regional alliance against Iran collapsed?"

Hilal: "I think that it was never serious."

Interviewer: "It was never serious?"

Hilal: "Never. Countries like Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia never took this seriously..."

Interviewer: "The regional powers never took this issue seriously."

Hilal: "Naturally, there was American pressure, placing them in a tight spot... [The Americans said:] 'Go along with it, come to the meeting, do not attack the idea [of a regional alliance against Iran]...' But they knew it would not work. However, in diplomacy..."

Interviewer: "Ordinary people do not understand such maneuvers. If something is agreed upon in a meeting that doesn't mean I accept it."

Hilal: "Absolutely."

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