January 8, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11066

Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Saleh Al-Arouri Killed In Lebanon – Clips From The MEMRI TV Archive – Part II

January 8, 2024
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11066

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of Hamas's political bureau, was killed January 2, 2024 in Beirut, Lebanon, reportedly in an Israeli airstrike.[1] Al-Arouri, 57, who was based in Lebanon, was the de-facto leader of Hamas's military wing in the West Bank. He served several sentences in Israeli prison, and was released in March 2010 as part of the prisoner exchange deal for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

The following are archival MEMRI TV clips of Al-Arouri. For more recent clips of him, see Part I, Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Saleh Al-Arouri Killed In Lebanon – Clips From The MEMRI TV Archive.

Saleh Al-Arouri: The Recent Terror Attacks Constitute A New Level In Our Confrontation With Israel; Arab States Should Support, Arm Us Like The West Supports, Arms Ukraine; Instead, They Normalize With Israel – March 28, 2022

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, said in a March 28, 2022 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the recent terror attacks in the Israeli cities of Beersheba and Hadera constitute a "new expression" of the Palestinians' confrontation with Israel. Al-Arouri did not mention that the attacks were carried out by ISIS supporters. He then criticized the Negev Summit in Sde Boker, Israel and said that any meeting, normalization, coordination, or cooperation with Israel constitutes aggression against the Palestinian people. He accused the Arab countries of serving their personal interests and said that the situation in Palestine should resemble that in Ukraine, with Arabs arming and supporting the Palestinians like the West arms and supports the Ukrainians.

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Saleh Al-Arouri: "The recent [ISIS] operations in Beersheba and Hadera constitute a new level of expression of our people's confrontation with the occupation. They truly manifest our people's rejection of the canceling of their history and identity, and their assimilation into this plundering occupation.

"These operations constitute an escalation to a new level, and the occupation must now take into account that our people will confront it even with weapons and attacks. They will confront the occupation. We rely on our people in [Israel] to play a key role in confronting the occupation in everything.

"We have continuous meetings with our brothers in Hizbullah, both open and secret.

"Most meetings are secret, maybe. Hizbullah is a Lebanese Islamic resistance movement that fought and expelled the occupation from Lebanon. It is still ready to confront the occupation, and to repel any aggression by the occupation against Lebanon or this nation.


"Any measure towards the legitimization of this [Zionist] entity, normalization of relations with it, or cooperation with it constitute an aggression against our people, our nation, our holy places, and our Jerusalem.

"Whoever goes to that entity, sits with them, coordinates with them, and cooperates with them represents an aggression against the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, and all of Palestine.

"All the empty words about how they talked about an independent state and about the rights of the Palestinian people are inappropriate. Unfortunately, Israel is now becoming an ally of some of the Arab regimes. An ally against whom? Against our people, our rights, our holy places, and against the countries that have been living in this region for thousands of years.

"They do this to defend their small, personal interests. See what is happening in Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia. All of Europe is pouring weapons, volunteers, and money on Ukraine. Europe, America, and the West are fighting there themselves. Why don't the Arabs play the same role with regard to Palestine?

"After all, Palestine is an Arab and Islamic land, and an inseparable part of Arab national security. Instead, they meet in the Negev, near the grave of Ben-Gurion [in Sde Boker], the founder of this entity, who stuck the dagger in the heart of the Islamic nation."


Saleh Al-Arouri: We Can Continue Fighting For Many Months; We Have Only Been Getting Rid Of Our Surplus Rockets So We Can Replace Them With Modern, More Powerful Missiles – May 13, 2021

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, said that Jewish immigration to Palestine was based on myths, like the myth that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews or that Palestine is the Jewish Promised Land. He said Jews invented these myths "out of thin air." He made his remarks in an interview aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) on May 12, 2021. Al-Arouri explained that this is the reason why Jerusalem is the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that the Jews are just passing through the land, like other nations have before them, like the Crusaders. He said that the Israelites had just passed through the area, staying for 50-70 years, like tribes of nomads.

Al-Arouri went on to say that the Zionist entity was humiliated by the warnings of the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, which caused them to withdraw from the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He said that the infrastructure of the resistance in Gaza was designed to deal with "these challenges," and that therefore, the enemy cannot do the resistance any "real harm." Al-Arouri stated that Hamas senior commanders "have been martyred," adding: "That's normal." He added that anyone who spends 20 or 30 years in the organization wants to become a martyr.

Al-Arouri also stated that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and commander of 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qasam Brigades Mohammad Deif have stated that Hamas is prepared to fight a war that will last many months. He elaborated that Hamas has only been clearing out its surplus of old rockets and that it still has many new and accurate ones. Al-Arouri said that he hopes the image of victory will be created by Hamas's people in every part of the land, in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and within the 1948 borders.

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Saleh Al-Arouri: "The Jews' immigration to Palestine from all corners of the world, in order to establish their state, was based on the myth that Jerusalem had been their capital and that they had a temple there, that Jerusalem belongs to them, and that it is their Promised Land.

"These are the myths that they have invented out of thin air. Therefore, Jerusalem is the heart of the conflict.


"Many nations have tried to take over Jerusalem. Europe with all its might, came and occupied Jerusalem for 100 years. But our nation did not despair, it did not become weary, or get tired. It fought [the Crusaders] until it regained this sacred space.


"The Israelites were among the nations that have passed through here. They passed through here for 50 or 70 years, like tribes of nomads do. Now they are saying again that this is their land. Okay, but whose land was it before and after you?


"The [Zionist] entity was humiliated. When faced with the warmings of the Qassem [Brigades], the occupation troops pulled out of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


"Ever since the resistance against the occupation began in Gaza, the occupation had the superior airforce and intelligence. It had satellites, listening devices, and espionage equipment. It had the capability to control the communications, and so on. Therefore, the infrastructure of the resistance in Gaza has been designed to deal with these challenges. This is why they cannot cause the resistance real harm.

"Commanders in our ranks have been martyred. That's normal. Abu Mohammad Al-Jabari was martyred. Sheikh Ahmad Yassin was martyred. Abu Shamalah, Al-Attar, and Yahya Ayyash were all martyred. All the commanders of our resistance have been martyred. That's normal. This is the grace that Allah bestows upon us. Ultimately, Allah signals His acceptance by selecting us to be martyrs.

"Anyone who spends 20-30 years on the path of the resistance will end up as a martyr. But he also generates victory.

"Therefore, the infrastructure of the resistance in Gaza is not exposed to the enemy, to prevent them from using the weapons in which they have superiority. The resistance was not designed in the classic and intuitive way an army is built. No. It was adapted to the enemy and its capabilities.

"Therefore, in the previous war, in 2014, our resistance fought for 50 days, and it was hit every day and with the same intensity. The enemy has used all the capabilities in its arsenals. All that was left was the enemy's nuclear weapon. It had used everything else.

"In this war, they began using the F-35 planes, which they had brought from America a few days ago. This is just so everybody knows that America is fighting us directly, on the ground. The shells that kill the children, fighters, and mujahideen are American. The airplanes are American as well.

"The resistance was designed to last for a long while. The commanders of the resistance in Gaza have said – brother Abu Ibrahim [Al-Sinwar] said it clearly more than once, and [Mohammed] 'Abu Khaled' Deif also talked about it... They said that we are ready for a war that would last months. Months!


"The ability of the resistance to hit deep in the enemy's own turf, and to shatter the enemy's morale and the morale of its people is much higher than the occupation's ability to shatter our own morale.


"The resistance is capable, and wants, or rather, it is willing to fight for many months and with time, the intensity of the resistance will grow rather than diminish.

"I would also like to say that so far, the resistance has been getting rid of its surplus of old rockets. We had a problem with the old rockets that we had prepared but we have much better ones now...

"We can now empty the launching pads, to make room for the powerful and accurate modern missiles.

"Therefore, the more time goes by, the intensity of the resistance against the occupation will increase, and it will get hit from places it anticipates and from places it does not.

"It will receive blows from Gaza, from within [Israel], from Jerusalem, and from the West Bank.


"The resistance will not allow [Israel] to create an image of victory. In the 2014 war, the image of victory was of the [Israeli] soldier under the boots of the mujahideen. In this war, the bombing of the streets and towers will not be the image of victory. The image of victory will be painted by our jihadi Brigades. The image of victory will have several parts, in Gaza and elsewhere. We hope that in every part of our homeland – our people in Jerusalem, in the West Bank, and within the 1948 borders – a part of the image of victory is waiting for you to create it.


"We are not looking for an open war. We told all the mediators that we did not ignite this war. The war is raging because of the aggression against the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The war started there and it was started by the occupation.

"We are ready for this round of fighting to end, if the holy places and Jerusalem are protected and defended, and the people of Jerusalem are protected from eviction and banishment."

Saleh Al-Arouri On Palestinian Authority TV: We Have A New Generation That Can Drag Israel's Nose Through The Mud – September 13, 2020

On September 13, 2020, Palestine TV aired an interview with Saleh Al-Arouri, the Deputy Chairman of Hamas' Political Bureau and senior Islamic Jihad official Muhammad Al-Hindi, along with the Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub. Saleh Al-Arouri said that any future popular struggle would resemble the first Intifada, in which he said all the Palestinian factions had followed the same path. He added that the First Intifada had been peaceful until Israel's reactions forced it to escalate. Al-Arouri elaborated that today's Palestinian factions would work in unison to defend the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation and from betrayal. Muhammad Al-Hindi then said that Israel is in retreat and that, unlike in the first Intifada, the Palestinians today have weapons and locally made missiles. He added that Gaza is the basis of the Palestinian nation.

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Saleh Al-Arouri: "Regarding the popular struggle, like our brother Jibril [Rajoub] said, this isn't something new to us. The first Intifada was a popular resistance. It was even peaceful. But with the enemy, with its aggression and criminal behavior against our people and the resistance, forced the escalation in this Intifada.

In the first Intifada... I would like to remind the brothers who have been through that period... After all, we have a new generation of people who were not there. We had all followed the same path, despite belonging to various factions. There wasn't a national leadership that represented all the factions and the people, and despite this, we all followed the same path.

"We are now learning from the past. We want to once again follow the same path and operate within the same framework, as long as we all agree regarding the goals: We will defend our nation from the occupation, from the criminal settlements, and from the abandonment and betrayal of the [Palestinian] cause [by others]. We are together for these reasons.


"I am telling the occupation that our nation – the fathers and the mothers – have raised a new generation. If you think that because of a few [Arab rulers] who turn their backs on us, you can simply ignore the rights of our people, and swallow up our land and holy places, you should know that we have a new generation that can drag you through the mud and bring us victory. Before the year 2000, the train of normalization with the enemy was more advanced than it is today. There were several embassies, representatives, trade offices, and so forth that had been opened in Tel Aviv, and the second Intifada closed all of them and stopped the process of normalization."

Saleh Al-Arouri: Fatah Factions Received Support From Hizbullah To Carry Out Attacks During The Second Intifada – September 7, 2020

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, said in a September 7, 2020 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that in the next war with Israel, which he threatened will involve the Israeli home front, Israel will pay an "unprecedented price." He also said that Hizbullah's support of Hamas and other Palestinian factions has never ceased. Elaborating, he recalled that when he was in prison during the Second Intifada, leaders from Hamas, Fatah, and the Islamic Jihad all enjoyed support from Hizbullah and would meet to plan attacks.

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Saleh Al-Arouri: "I assure you that the results of the next confrontation [with Israel] will be different from all the previous confrontations. There will be new facts. The occupation will pay an unprecedented price.


"If an open confrontation takes place, the [Zionist] entity will face unprecedented consequences, even compared to the wars of the past. It will face unprecedented consequences. Its home front, which was safe during the great Arab wars of '67, 73' and so on, will be a part of the war. The capabilities that the resistance has prepared for confronting this enemy – despite all the international support the enemy receives – will also come to the enemy as a surprise. The enemy's losses and the results on the ground will be unprecedented. This is not an empty threat because I know what we have in store for that enemy.


"The support to the resistance by the brothers in Hizbullah has never stopped. It wasn't only Hamas that they have supported, but all the factions. In the second Intifada, I was still in Palestine. I was in prison. In prison, all the groups would come to us and we would plan attacks, and there were groups from Fatah that would receive support from Hizbullah, in order to confront the occupation. This was in addition to the Islamic Jihad and Hamas."

Interviewer: "Are you talking about the West Bank?"

Al-Arouri: "Yes, the West Bank. Hizbullah supports the resistance, which it regards as the strategic way to deal with this [Zionist] entity, the existence of which is mutually exclusive with all the interests of our nation."

Saleh Al-Arouri on Iranian TV: Iran, Hizbullah Have Helped the Palestinian Resistance Advance; Khamenei Is the Greatest Leader in the Islamic World – July 22, 2019

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, said in a July 22, 2019 interview on IRINN TV (Iran) that the Islamic resistance has advanced from throwing stones at the Zionist occupation to launching precise missiles at it thanks to the support and assistance of Iran, Hizbullah, and all others who love the Palestinian cause. He said that Hamas has a strong relationship with Hizbullah and with its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and he said that he believes that the liberation of Jerusalem is near. Al-Arouri also praised Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, whom he met during his visit to Iran, and he expressed his gratitude for Khamenei's support of the Palestinians. He said that Khamenei is a great leader who is "second to none" in the Islamic world.

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Interviewer: "A few years ago, the Islamic resistance was using only stones, which it pelted at the Zionist regime. Now, it is using precise missiles. How can this balance impact the erasing of the Zionist regime, Allah willing?"


Saleh Al-Arouri: "Advancement from stones to missiles was achieved thanks to the grace of Allah and the efforts of the mujahideen everywhere. It was achieved with the support and assistance all of those who love and support the resistance, and first and foremost the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizbullah.


"We have very strong relations with our brothers in Hizbullah and we meet with Hassan Nasrallah. We are committed in this regard and they are committed to the Palestinian cause. They do not abandon Palestine and the Palestinian cause.


"I personally believe that the liberation of Jerusalem is not far away, Allah willing. The Muslims, whether outside of Palestine... All the Palestinians will pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Allah willing. The liberation is near. We have confidence and belief in the intentions of Hassan Nasrallah."


Interviewer: "Today, you met the great leader of the Islamic Revolution. How do you sum up this meeting?"


Saleh Al-Arouri: "He has always been highly supportive of the Palestinian cause and the struggle against the Zionist regime. Iran's policy is both declarative and practical when it comes to the confrontation with the Zionist regime.


"We thank Ayatollah Imam Khamenei for his positions on the Palestinian cause. Allah willing, this support will continue until the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem, the site of the Prophet Muhammad's ascension to Heaven. He said that supporting Palestine is part of his religious belief, and part of the revolutionary spirit of Iran. He said that this position is immutable. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports Palestine in all aspects. It opposes the Zionist regime and the American plan, and it will make its best efforts to support the Palestinian people, until the liberation of Palestine in its entirety from the occupation.

"We send him greetings from the resistance movement, and we thank him for his consistent position and for the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for Palestine. This was a very good meeting and we are very happy to have met him. Our morale has gone up. He is a great leader, second to none in the world of Islam."


Saleh Al-Arouri: Iran Is the Only Country that Provides Real And Public Support To The Palestinian Resistance – December 30, 2017

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, defended his organization's relations with Iran, saying that Iran, unlike other countries, provides "real and public support" to the Palestinian resistance, without concern for the consequences. Iran is "the only country that says that the [Zionist] entity is cancerous and should be uprooted from the region," he said in the interview, which aired on Al-Quds TV on December 30, 2017.

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Saleh Al-'Arouri: "Our relations with Iran are based on the fact that Iran is the most [hostile] country in the world toward the Zionist entity. Iran is the only country that says that this entity is cancerous, and should be uprooted from the region. This is Iran's official position and it is willing to provide real and public support to the Palestinian and other resistance movements fighting that entity. Brother, if any official body gives us support – and I'm not talking about military aid because nobody but Iran gives us any military support... If anyone gives us aid, it makes us swear a hundred times that we won’t reveal this, because it fears the world order.

"The Iranians, on the other hand, provide aid to the Palestinian resistance, and are not worried about the consequences. There is an important point I would like to make. We tell our people and our brothers that the aid Iran provides to the resistance is not merely symbolic. This is real aid, which is essential for the resistance to continue and be effective.

"Secondly, many people say: What has Iran ever done for the Palestinian cause? [They say:] Show me where it has ever confronted the Israel entity. I am not an Iranian defending my country. I am a Sunni Arab Palestinian from Hamas, but I'm talking about the reality. On the one hand, there are countries that support Israel, conspire with it day in and day out, and sacrifice Jerusalem and the holy places, and on the other hand, we have [Iran], which provides us aid against the Israel entity.

"To the people who question Iran's confrontation with Israel, I say: Who supported the resistance in Lebanon until it drove out the Israeli entity? It was Iran. Who supports the resistance in Gaza and Palestine? Iran. It is Iran and Hizbullah that confront that entity along with us."


Saleh Al-Arouri Visits Iran, Expresses Hope That Iranian Aid To Hamas Will Intensify – October 22, 2017

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, declared that his visit to Iran following the signing of the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal was a response to the "rude and arrogant interference" of Netanyahu and the demand that Hamas sever its ties with Iran. "We will not accept any dictates from him," said Al-Arouri, in an interview with the Iranian Al-Alam TV channel on October 22, during his visit, expressing his hope that Iranian aid to the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades would "continue and intensify." Speaking to Al-Jazeera TV on October 25, Al-Arouri praised Iran's support of "the rights of our Palestinian people on their entire land" and its rejection of "any form of Zionist presence on the land of Palestine" and vowed that Hamas would never relinquish its "right and duty" of resistance.

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Saleh Al-Arouri: "We and our brothers in Iran share solid ground, on the basis of which we can always build and develop our relations. This principle has two parts. First of all, the Islamic Republic has adopted the Palestinian cause, and it supports the rights of our Palestinian people on their entire land, and it rejects any form of Zionist presence on the land of Palestine. Iran is acting in line with this principle. Secondly, we in Hamas have a firm and clear position: we refuse to accept anyone's participation in our land and our cause. Our people and our nation have an indisputable and full right to Palestine, and the resistance is a right and a duty that we will never relinquish.


"We have come to Iran on an official and public visit, partly as a response to [Netanyahu's] rude and arrogant interference [in our affairs], when he demanded that we sever [ties with Iran]. He cannot determine our foreign relations. We will not accept any dictates from him. So in addition to the need to consult with and update our brothers [in Iran] about the developments, this is also a response to the occupation's arrogant demand that we need to sever our ties with Iran.


"It is well known that Iran supported the Lebanese resistance, until the Israeli occupation was driven out. It supports the resistance in Palestine as well. They make no secret of this. They give us exceptional support. The resistance is in dire need of this to be able to confront the aggression of the Israeli entity. Therefore, the issue of Iran's continued and increased aid and support for the Palestinian people, our cause, and the Palestinian resistance is the main issue that we are discussing with the brothers in Iran.


"Of course, we cannot go into the details of the aid that Iran gives us, but in general, the public knows what aid Iran provides to Palestine and its resistance. There are some things that are out in the open. For example, the Al-Qassam Brigades declared, more than once, that the main supporters of the Brigades and of the resistance in the confrontation with the occupation are the brothers in Iran. It is our hope that this aid will continue and intensify, until the resistance is able to defeat the occupation, Allah willing."


[1], January 2, 2023.

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