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Sep 07, 2020
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Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Saleh Al-Arouri: Fatah Factions Received Support From Hizbullah To Carry Out Attacks During The Second Intifada

#8274 | 01:58
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Saleh Al-Arouri, the Deputy Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, said in a September 7, 2020 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that in the next war with Israel, which he threatened will involve the Israeli home front, Israel will pay an "unprecedented price." He also said that Hizbullah's support of Hamas and other Palestinian factions has never ceased. Elaborating, he recalled that when he was in prison during the Second Intifada, leaders from Hamas, Fatah, and the Islamic Jihad all enjoyed support from Hizbullah and would meet to plan attacks.

Saleh Al-Arouri: "I assure you that the results of the next confrontation [with Israel] will be different from all the previous confrontations. There will be new facts. The occupation will pay an unprecedented price.


"If an open confrontation takes place, the [Zionist] entity will face unprecedented consequences, even compared to the wars of the past. It will face unprecedented consequences. Its home front, which was safe during the great Arab wars of '67, 73' and so on, will be a part of the war. The capabilities that the resistance has prepared for confronting this enemy – despite all the international support the enemy receives – will also come to the enemy as a surprise. The enemy's losses and the results on the ground will be unprecedented. This is not an empty threat because I know what we have in store for that enemy.


"The support to the resistance by the brothers in Hizbullah has never stopped. It wasn't only Hamas that they have supported, but all the factions. In the second Intifada, I was still in Palestine. I was in prison. In prison, all the groups would come to us and we would plan attacks, and there were groups from Fatah that would receive support from Hizbullah, in order to confront the occupation. This was in addition to the Islamic Jihad and Hamas."

Interviewer: "Are you talking about the West Bank?"

Al-Arouri: "Yes, the West Bank. Hizbullah supports the resistance, which it regards as the strategic way to deal with this [Zionist] entity, the existence of which is mutually exclusive with all the interests of our nation."

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