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Oct 22, 2017
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Top Hamas Official Saleh Al-Arouri Visits Iran, Hopes Iranian Aid to Hamas Will Intensify

#6245 | 03:04
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas' political bureau, declared that his visit to Iran following the signing of the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal was a response to the "rude and arrogant interference" of Netanyahu and the demand that Hamas sever its ties with Iran. "We will not accept any dictates from him," said Al-Arouri, in an interview with the Iranian Al-Alam TV channel on October 22, during his visit, expressing his hope that Iranian aid to the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades would "continue and intensify." Speaking to Al-Jazeera TV on October 25, Al-Arouri praised Iran's support of "the rights of our Palestinian people on their entire land" and its rejection of "any form of Zionist presence on the land of Palestine" and vowed that Hamas would never relinquish its "right and duty" of resistance.

Saleh Al-Arouri: "We and our brothers in Iran share solid ground, on the basis of which we can always build and develop our relations. This principle has two parts. First of all, the Islamic Republic has adopted the Palestinian cause, and it supports the rights of our Palestinian people on their entire land, and it rejects any form of Zionist presence on the land of Palestine. Iran is acting in line with this principle. Secondly, we in Hamas have a firm and clear position: we refuse to accept anyone's participation in our land and our cause. Our people and our nation have an indisputable and full right to Palestine, and the resistance is a right and a duty that we will never relinquish.


"We have come to Iran on an official and public visit, partly as a response to [Netanyahu's] rude and arrogant interference [in our affairs], when he demanded that we sever [ties with Iran]. He cannot determine our foreign relations. We will not accept any dictates from him. So in addition to the need to consult with and update our brothers [in Iran] about the developments, this is also a response to the occupation's arrogant demand that we need to sever our ties with Iran.


"It is well known that Iran supported the Lebanese resistance, until the Israeli occupation was driven out. It supports the resistance in Palestine as well. They make no secret of this. They give us exceptional support. The resistance is in dire need of this to be able to confront the aggression of the Israeli entity. Therefore, the issue of Iran's continued and increased aid and support for the Palestinian people, our cause, and the Palestinian resistance is the main issue that we are discussing with the brothers in Iran.


"Of course, we cannot go into the details of the aid that Iran gives us, but in general, the public knows what aid Iran provides to Palestine and its resistance. There are some things that are out in the open. For example, the Al-Qassam Brigades declared, more than once, that the main supporters of the Brigades and of the resistance in the confrontation with the occupation are the brothers in Iran. It is our hope that this aid will continue and intensify, until the resistance is able to defeat the occupation, Allah willing."

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