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Sep 28, 2019
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Yemeni Health Minister Nasser Ba'aom: Unless We Stop Iran, the Shiite Crescent Will Become a Full Moon

#7520 | 01:43
Source: Yemen TV

Yemeni Minister of Health Nasser Ba'aom said in a September 28, 2019 interview on Yemen TV that the Yemeni government's only goal is to eliminate the Iranian "project" that is spreading in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. He warned that the "Shiite crescent" will become a "full moon" if people do not wake up soon, and he said that Saudi Arabia is capable of bringing the region back on the right path as the leader of the coalition. He added that the recent hiatus in the fighting in certain Yemeni governorates has caused the Yemeni government many "crises" and embarrassment because the question of who decides whether to continue fighting has been raised.

Following are excerpts:


Nasser Ba'aom: We have one goal, which is to eliminate the Persian-Iranian project that is spreading in the region. I would like to point out that if we do not wake up soon, the Shiite crescent will become a full moon. It will become a full moon soon. The Arabian Peninsula will be surrounded [by Shiites], from Syria and Lebanon, through Iraq, and all the way to Yemen. If we do not wake up soon and become fully aware, that crescent will become a full moon. Our Saudi brothers are the leaders of the coalition and they are capable of bringing the others back on to the right path.




The halt [in the fighting] on various fronts that are situated in many governorates has caused us many crises.

Interviewer: Right.

Nasser Ba'aom: We in the government are being blamed. [People are saying:] "Why isn't the fighting on those military fronts continuing?" The capital, Sana'a, is within striking distance. We are very close to taking over Al-Sawadiyah District in Al-Bayda.  We are very close to entering Al-Hudaydah – we are on 50th Street. If the decision is not up to us or up to the coalition – is it up to the superpowers? Or to whom? Many questions are being raised. This causes us a lot of embarrassment. We have no answers.

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