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Sep 27, 2019
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Woman at Entrance to Hospital in Shiraz, Iran: We Are Hungry, Need Medicine; To Hell with Our Leaders; Khamenei's Time Is up, He Should Go Meet His Maker

#7513 | 01:15
Source: Online Platforms - ""Freedom Messenger" on YouTube"

On October 1, 2019, a video of a woman at the entrance to a hospital in Shiraz, Iran was uploaded to the Internet. Encouraging others to join her in protest, the woman shouted: "My child is hungry [and] our people are hungry... [Our leaders] are thieves [and] they should leave this country... To hell with them... I have diabetes and I can't get my medicine... Mr. Khamenei, your expiration date has come and gone. Go meet your Maker."


Woman: I'm [just like] Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. What do I care if they are hungry? My child is hungry, too. Our people are hungry.

Man: They are all thieves.

Woman: What do I care if [our leaders] are thieves? They should leave this country. We say to them: Go away!

Man: But they are Iranians too...

Woman: To hell with them. They should go. We should all be united. We must not be hypocrites. America says that it is giving us medicine and food. I have diabetes and I can't get my medicine. The people are hungry. At least say 'away with humiliation' along with me. Don’t be afraid. Say 'Allah Akbar.' It will reach their ears. Mr. Khamanei, you look here. Mr. Khamanei, your expiration date has come and gone. Go meet your Maker. We are hungry.


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