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Aug 27, 2021
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Washington D.C. Imam Abdul Alim Musa: The Zionists Run America, They Bombed Kabul Airport To Influence Biden's Iran Policy – Just Like They Orchestrated 9/11

#9067 | 07:15
Source: Online Platforms - "on As-Sabiqun DC on YouTube "

Imam Abdul Alim Musa, Director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington D.C. said that "the Zionists" carried out the August 2021 Kabul airport bombings, killing American troops, in order to influence President Biden's policy on Iran. He made his remarks in a Friday sermon that aired on As-Sabiqun DC on YouTube on August 27, 2021. He said that the Israeli delegation was supposed to meet with President Biden, whom he referred to as "whatever his name is," but was delayed because of the bombing in order to gauge Biden's stance on Iran.

Musa also said that Islam's main enemy is the Zionists, and that the U.S. serves the Zionists. He said that this is similar to the 9/11 attacks, which he claimed were also carried out by the Zionists. Musa went on to say that the Zionists are telling President Biden what to do, but that Biden has the opportunity to save America from Zionism. He said that the Zionists control Congress, the Senate, and the U.S. economy, and that they "run America." For more about Imam Abdul Alim Musa, see MEMRI TV clips nos. 5869, 5762,and 2326.

Abdul Alim Musa: "After a short period of being a Muslim, we had realized who our main enemy was, and we knew from jump street that our main enemy were Zionists. The main enemy of Islam were Zionists. So therefore, we not only had to go up against the Americans, who were servants of Zionism.


"The Zionists have been here since day before yesterday. They were supposed to meet, right? They were supposed to meet yesterday with the President, with old Biden. But they had the explosion of those people over there, and it was so traumatic that they had to put it all until today.


"America has been taken over by the Zionists, and yesterday, when they [were] getting ready to meet, right? With old... whatever his name is... this man [is] getting old already... 78 years old, good God... he ain't got too much older to get before he leave...

"Then, they have the bombing. They want to go in and talk to him at that time, what do they want to say to him? 'Look, we don't want to, we told you we don't want you to do anything with Iran.' Just because you tell the world you're going to do this with Iran, do that with Iran...  and we don't want you to do it. To show you how we feel about it, we gonna blow up a whole crew of your soldiers in front of everybody, and in front of the public. You can't do nothing about it. Why, they couldn't do nothing about 9/11 right? Don't they have history of people standing on buildings, cheering while 9/11 goes off?  Who are those people? They are Zionists.


"And the Russians went running home, they went running home, they didn't look back. And then, the World Trade Center goes up in smoke. They blamed it on people there. They wish they hadn't done that. They wish they hadn't done that, because they have been stuck over there for 20 years.


"They are meeting down there today, and the Zionists are telling Biden, or whatever his name is, what to do. And he is trying to say 'Well...' By this evening or tomorrow, you will know whether he stood his ground. He has the opportunity to rescue America from Zionists. Do you know [that] the whole apparatus understands what is going on?

"When the FBI comes by here, and they make a couple of hints of certain things, and then they're going back to their business, they said clearly, right by the door, 'you don't have to worry about us anymore, there's something else, and they're hinting at it... I say... I don't have to worry about y'all no more.

"Every time I come from overseas, I sit a whole 4-5 hours. Before getting on the plane, I stand there for 2-3 hours, I got to get there really early, because I got to stand there, just wait, go to the... When I got there, coming from Oakland the other time, I went to the airport, showed them my ID, they said 'okay, go,' I was looking all around and I went through the place, and it just said 'stand there... go ahead'. I started to go back... wait just a minute now, what is going on here? I just walked right on through. That's what the FBI did. The FBI was here to tell me, but I am not letting them go away with it. We're under new dispensations, right now.

"The Zionists are telling us what to do, the Zionists put the big tall guy... you know, what's his name... head of the FBI. They do what they want. Donald Trump's best friend is a Zionist, they are friends... [but] they are not his friends, right? Don't they manipulate, and they control him? 100%. What was Trump's job? We said it here, years before it happened.

"First, we said his job is to destroy the Republican Party. Remember that? Then, we said Donald's job is to destroy America, to make it super weak. If America is super weak ideologically, and the Zionists are strong, that little old group of people can control him. Why? You see it everyday, why. What is it, Pegasus [spyware] this and that... They got something on the whole Congress, and there ain't no white man that lived a moral life in the United States. I mean, there's probably one or so... But them, right? Tell the truth! So, the Zionist got them all by their body parts, they got them all! They have to cooperate, let me try to explain that again. The Zionists control Congress, the Zionists control Senate, the Zionists control economy, the Zionists run America."

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