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Sep 19, 2010
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Virginia Imam Abolfazl Nahidian: Israel Carried Out 9/11, the CIA Is Working to Divide the People - Archival

#6487 | 04:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Manassas Mosque on YouTube"

Iranian-American Shiite Imam Abolfazl Bahram Nahidian, the imam of the Manassas Mosque in Virginia, said during a 2010 Quds Day rally in Washington D.C., that Israel "created September 11" and blew up the buildings in order to "create hatred" for the Muslims and to justify the occupation of Muslim lands. In his address, which was posted on the DCalQudsDay YouTube channel on September 19, 2010, Imam Nahidian further said that "all the plots and the schemes that they make are to destroy humanity" and that "they are the chosen people of God - to be the most devilish ones on the Earth." In two Friday sermons, delivered in the Manassas Mosque on December 16, 2016 and January 20, 2017 and posted on the mosque's official YouTube channel, Imam Nahidian said that the CIA was "working continuously to create separation between the people" because "if they are divided, it is much easier to defeat them one by one" and that the Sunni-Shiite divide was a plot of the infidels against the Muslims.

Abolfazl Bahram Nahidian: "The CIA is working continuously to create separation between the people, so the people cannot become united. If they are divided, it is much easier to defeat them one by one.


"We have to be in the arena. We have to stay firm. We say: 'No, what you are doing is not right. We will be here, and we are here to stay.' And we are not here to come to say apologetically: 'Yes, the Twin Towers – we shouldn't have attacked it.' We didn't do that. Be firm. Or all of the problems or the crimes that are going on through the Earth, and they are calling your name on it.


"They are saying: Don't celebrate, don't talk about the Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, what else should we do? Go ahead, and then, with the ideas, burn the Quran, as you see what happened a few years ago in Florida. Go ahead. What else can we do? Draw the cartoon of the Prophet, and then disrespect him in the way you are doing. What else can we do? Go ahead – the bombardment of all the Muslim lands by so-called Muslims, through the hand of – of course – non-Muslims. Otherwise, the Muslims would not do something like that.


"You think that you are going to destroy Islam. No, Allah says: 'They destroy their homes with their own hands and the hands of the believers.' You destroy your own ideas and houses with your hands and the hands of the believers. 'So take warning.' Think what you are [making] happen. What's happening from September 11? So many people have become Muslim.


"They create, with the name of Islam, to destroy Islam… They create varieties of the [militant Islamic] groups. All of that is fed by who? By the foreign countries. You don't have none of those weapons. But it comes to their hand, with the name of Islam against Islam… Otherwise they cannot… If they come and they want to go ahead and attack us with the name of non-Muslims, for sure the Muslims are united. But they created the issues of the Shiites and the Sunnis. [They said:] 'We have to go ahead and create that division.' Somebody has to be a Shiite against the Sunnis, and somebody has to be a Sunni against the Shiites. That is the plot and scheme of the infidels against Muslims.


"Israel was established with the name of war and destruction. Israel was not established with the name of Judaism. Moses would not like what they are doing. Israel is a state of war and destruction. All the plots and the schemes that they make are to destroy humanity. They say: 'The land, the leadership, and the wealth of the world belong to us, as the chosen people of God.' Yes, they are the chosen people of God – to be the most devilish ones on the Earth. They are doing that so they will stay above the rest of humanity. The variety of the plots that they make – you know it. I don't have to tell you, but I will remind you. They created September 11. They blow up the buildings, and immediately they say: 21 Arabs and Muslims were there.


"Israelis are made to create hatred specifically for the Muslims.


"September 11 was not done by Muslims. It was done by the plot of the Zionists, in order to justify their occupying the land of the Muslims, such as Afghanistan, such as Iraq, such as now Pakistan. Now moving on to the rest of the areas – they are plotting a scheme, and no doubt, God is plotting and scheming against them too."

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