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Aug 29, 2014
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Vienna Imam Extols Gaza Jihad and Martyrdom: This Is True Jihad, Not Like That of ISIS

#4473 | 03:43
Source: Online Platforms

In a sermon delivered at the Al-Shura Grand Mosque in Vienna and posted on the Internet on August 29, 2014, Sheik Adnan Ibrahim praised the Jihad in Gaza, calling it the true Jihad. He extolled the martyrdom of Hamas commander Abu Shammala, saying that his blood smelled of perfume. "Jihad takes place in Palestine... against the enemy of the entire nation," he said. "If you want to talk Jihad, don't come to me with ISIS."


Transcript is pending.


Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Vienna Imam Sheik Adnan Ibrahim, which was posted on the Internet on August 29, 2014:


Adnan Ibrahim: When a Fatah member launches a missile or captures a soldier, the Hamas members keep their mouths shut. I tell them they are traitors. They should be applauding him. They should be saying: "May Allah bless and guide your missile." Right? If you keep your mouth shut, you are a traitor. I mean "traitor" as a metaphor, in the philosophical sense. The same is true for Fatah members who remain silent when their brothers in Hamas gain achievements. They are traitors. Like it or not, you are traitors. You should be applauding your brothers from Hamas when they launch missiles, and turn the lives of [the Israeli] into a living hell – just like they turned our lives into a living hell.






According to reports in their news channels, [Israeli] pharmacies ran out of sedatives. Not a single pill was left. It's unbelievable. The number of car crashes in Israel went up by 40%.






The [Israelis] fled. Do you know why? Because they were facing the men of Allah. I swear by Allah, whenever I see these fighters, I feel something deep inside, and sometimes, I get goose bumps. If you want to talk Jihad, don't come to me with ISIS, FISIS, and MISIS… These groups are destroying the Arab world and image of Arabs and Muslims. This is all a lie.






If you want true Jihad – the Jihad that is pleasing to all, the Jihad that rocks the throne of Allah with joy, the Jihad that pleases Allah and His Messenger… This is the Jihad against the clear and obvious enemies – the enemies of Allah, of His Messenger, and of the Arabs and the Muslims. How about that? I am talking about Jihad against those who spread corruption in the land.






Check out this miracle. [Hamas military commander] Abu Shammala was not blown to bits. When they pulled him out of the rubble, his head was attached to his body, and he suffered injuries. He was still alive when they took him to the hospital. He met Allah only after reciting the shahada at hospital. May Allah bless his pure soul. A woman told me – and so did a relative of his who called me… He said: I swear by Allah, and you can ask the thousands of people who smelled it – when his [body] was brought to the Mosque, the purest of scents filled the place. People were asking one another: Who poured all that perfume? But nobody had. This was no time for perfume. It turns out that it was the scent of his pure blood. The scent filled the entire mosque.



His wife had received the blood-stained shirt in which he was martyred. The woman told me that whenever someone came in, his wife would pull out the shirt, and a pure scent would be emitted. The woman I talked to smelled it herself. How great are Allah's miracles! If you want martyrdom – this is it. ISIS says: Fighting Israel is not our number one priority. Seriously?!






Jihad takes place in Palestine, brothers. It is Jihad against the enemy of the entire nation. It is not Jihad of part of the nation against another part – Jihad of Arabs against Arabs or Muslims against Muslims. If you want to be a mujahid and become a martyr, Jihad should be like [that of Hamas] and not like that [of ISIS].





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