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Aug 06, 2018
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Saudi TV Commentators Take on Canada's Human Rights Record: If You Live In a Glass House, Oh Canada, Don't Throw Stones

#6703 | 02:39
Source: Saudi 24 TV (Saudi Arabia)

Against the backdrop of the political crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada, commentators on the Saudi 24 network launched an attack on Canada's human rights record, especially with regard to Canada's indigenous people. They "are being dispersed and killed," said Saudi journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi. Saudi writer Adnan Muhammad also accused Canada of secretly torturing and Christianizing indigenous children. These comments were made during shows on the Saudi 24 network on August 6, 2018.



Saudi Journalist Ayed Al-Rashidi: What is Canada doing about its indigenous people? I challenge any Canadian TV station to talk about Canada's indigenous people. They have no [rights]. They are being dispersed and killed. Canada is a racist country.

Other Commentator: Just to emphasize what you are saying, the suicide rate in Canada is among the highest: 5,300 in a single year.

Ayed Al-Rashidi: The indigenous people there have no rights. They are trying to deport them, just like the Rohingya, in order to change the watchamacallit… Canadian society. I'm not asking what they are doing about Syria. I'm asking about their own indigenous people. We know the history, okay? I'm a good reader of history. I challenge any Canadian station to go to where the indigenous people live, and to broadcast from there. Whenever there are elections in Canada, they go to the indigenous people with promises. The Canadian indigenous people have no rights.


Kuwaiti Commentator Fahd Al-Shelaimi: Women in Canada suffer from the highest rate of oppression. How come we haven't seen [any reports] about it? The rate of hate crimes between Canadians of African origin and the others is high. We have seen Canadian films attacking Afghan Canadians. They say: "I speak English, and you must speak it, too." Even though they are citizens by law… If you live in a glass house, oh Canada, don't throw stones at the world, because you will have your ambassadors expelled.


Saudi Writer Adnan Muhammad: Canada has a black record, which is a mark of shame on human history, with regard to human rights and liberties. They laud liberties and claim to promote them, but there was a scandal in Canada, which was made public by the media in 2008. They have secret Canadian schools, where they detain children of the indigenous Canadian people, torturing them, and treating them in the most abominable ways in order to strip the Canadian children of their basic identity, by immersing them in European culture and turning them into Christians.

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