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Aug 24, 2014
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TV Host: Egyptian Frogmen Captured U.S. Battleship Commander in 2013

#4446 | 01:55
Source: Al-Tahrir TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Muhammad Al-Ghaity recently claimed that in 2013, the "great heroic Egyptian frogmen" had overcome the captain of a U.S. Sixth Fleet battleship that had entered Egyptian territorial waters. Al-Ghaity made his claims on Tahrir TV on August 24.

Following are excerpts:

Muhammad Al-Ghaity: Hillary Clinton said that [in 2013] the Egyptian air force flew over the U.S. Sixth Fleet. Several vessels of this fleet had come from their port in Naples, southern Italy. While the Egyptian planes circled above, preparing for a strike, the great heroic Egyptian frogmen, under the command of the hero, Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish – Until now, nobody knows what this man did! They dove under the American battleships, and when they surfaced, they captured the captain of one of the U.S. battleships.

At that moment, a great Egyptian general, whose name I will not mention, but who is a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, called Obama and said: "We do not seek an escalation, but if you want one – you got it." The general conveyed Al-Sisi's message: "The Sixth Fleet must leave Egyptian territorial waters immediately, or else we will tell the whole world what we did."

All of this was recounted by Clinton – except for the part about Mamish. I take full responsibility for the Mamish bit. He was in charge, and he said to the frogmen: "Either return victorious, or return as martyrs. You must teach this fleet a lesson for crossing into Egyptian territorial waters even by a single meter."


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