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Oct 20, 2017
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Tunisian Parliamentary VP Abdelfattah Mourou: Muslim Brotherhood Was Wrong to Demand Implementation of Shari'a following Arab Spring

#6268 | 02:23
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Abdelfattah Mourou, Vice-President of the Tunisian Parliament and the co-founder of the Ennahdha Party, talked about the mistakes made by the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that they did not understand that the people who rebelled in the Arab Spring did not do so in order to instate the shari'a. Saying that the Islamists' dream of ruling the world would "never happen," he called to abolish illiteracy and to focus on the rebuilding of Egypt, to respect women who don't want to wear the hijab, and to treat the Christian minority with dignity. The interview aired on October 20 on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel Mekameleen TV, which is based in Turkey.


Abdelfattah Mourou: The Islamic movement did not realize what had happened in the revolution. They thought that what had happened was in line with their own plan. But their plan was not entirely clear. Many young Islamists, from various movements and factions, took to the streets, calling for the implementation of the shari'a. But they did not realize that the peoples had rebelled in order to assert their existence. What's all this about the Islamic shari'a? Do we live in countries that have nothing to do with Islam? Our peoples are Muslim, and so are most of our regimes.




We presented our plan in a bleak way. It made some people fear us, and it allowed others, who harbor hostility toward us, to use our mistakes against us.




30% of our peoples are illiterate. We did not offer a plan to abolish this illiteracy. If we want our peoples to be democratic, to respect the other, to respect the law and its institutions, and to uphold science and knowledge, we must abolish their illiteracy and open their eyes.




I think that one of our most important missions is to re-instill hope in the hearts of people whose hopes were crushed by an unrealistic dream. The Islamists dream of ruling the world. How exactly are you going to rule the world? It will never happen! It would be better if you dreamt of how to play a positive role in your own country. Your country is your goal. You should work for the benefit of your country. Egypt is your main goal. Build Egypt, accelerate its development, and help the Egyptian citizens enjoy freedom. The woman who does not want to wear the hijab is an Egyptian citizen. You should treat her with dignity in her country. You should treat Christians with dignity, so that they do not feel like second-rate citizens or dhimmis.



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