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May 05, 2021
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Trinidad And Tobago Islamic Scholar Imran Hosein: COVID-19 Is Not Compatible With The Quran, Hence It Is Biological Warfare By The Zionists, Who Wish To Annihilate The Arabs In The Holy Land

#8872 | 02:57
Source: Online Platforms - "Imran Hosein on YouTube"

Imam Imran Hosein, an Islamic scholar from Trinidad and Tobago said that the Zionists manufactured the coronavirus in order to wipe out the Arabs from the Holy Land. He made these remarks in a video that was posted on his official YouTube account on May 5, 2021. Hosein claimed that the virus was designed to target only Arab DNA and not Jewish DNA.

Imran Hosein: "Those who are behind this virus... it's not from nature, it is from a laboratory. And they are in fact pursuing biological warfare. This could not have come from nature. This is my first point, that it is in conflict with our [inaudible] that the virus could then reach all of mankind at the same time. That's not possible, from the truth which has come from the Quran. If the virus has come from a laboratory, it's manufactured, it constitutes, as I said, biological warfare. I have given the analyses many, many times so far in this last one year or so that we've been living with the virus, that we can recognize the end game. The end game is located in the holy land. And so this virus has Zionist roots in it.


"And so I anticipate that they will keep this virus turning, turning, and turning and turning around the world and coming and going until eventually, I don't know how long from now... until eventually a virus will be released in the holy land, in Israel, which will be the most dangerous virus of all, manufactured in a laboratory. And this is the one which will wipe out the Arabs. Well then, if it's wiping out the Arabs, well, what about the Jews? You can't have a virus that will also wipe out the Jews. So in other words, we are looking for a virus that is manufactured, that has DNA specification that will target only Arabs and not target Jews.


"When the Arabs in the holy land and around the holy land are wiped out, then the Israelis, the Zionists, can say: 'well, don't blame us, the virus has been here all along, don't blame us. This virus is from nature.' Well, I am telling you from now, you should not be brainwashed, it's time for you to open your eyes and look and see, and what I am offering to you is I believe, I believe, I believe is credible."

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