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Jun 09, 2018
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Toronto Quds Day Rally - Sheikh Shafiq Hudda: Israel and the American Empire Will Be Eradicated

#6614 | 03:25
Source: Online Platforms

Speaking at the Toronto Quds Day rally, held on June 9, Sheikh Shafiq Hudda, director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ontario, said that a day will come when we will see "the eradication of the unjust powers, such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists." He challenged the Israeli army to enter Gaza and "fight like men, not cowards," saying: "You will leave in body bags."

Sheikh Shafiq Hudda: "More than any other nation on the face of this earth, the Zionist entity of Israel has been condemned by the United Nations, by human rights organizations, by any believer of justice and love of humanity. Why, you're saying that it's antisemitism? It's anti-Judaism? Then I would say why are my Jewish brothers and sisters here today and every year? It's not a matter of Semitism or antisemitism, it’s a matter that the government of Israel, the state of Israel has committed acts that no other country and no other nation, no other entity has committed. Against innocents, against children, against the vulnerable, against the elderly. You will see them, everywhere around you. Those who are the most vulnerable get attacked by the Zionist. Why? If you are not cowards, if you are brave, send your army into Palestine. Why bomb, why send missiles, and aerial bombardments? Start fighting solider to soldier, face to face. We know you can't do that, because you are cowards. You're afraid, because you will leave in body bags.

"The same body bags that you have caused for the Palestinians, your army, the Israeli Defense forces will leave from Palestine in those same body bags. Come forward, we challenge you, we challenge the Israeli Defense Force. Fight like men, not cowards. Cowards will bomb babies, destroy homes, uproot trees, cause economic desecration. Somebody who is not my favorite person, David Cameron, called Gaza the world's largest open-air prison. No freedom to move around or travel. No medical availability. Basic medications or antibiotics are not available. Children and the elderly and the vulnerable die for simple basic medications that you and I are probably throwing in the garbage every year.  This is one thing, I will mention one thing that perhaps may be a bit of a surprise. I am praying for a day to come in our lifetime, where we won't need the Al-Quds rally because Palestine will be free. Oppression will be eradicated, injustice will end, that’s the day we pray for. So we don't have to meet every Saturday in the holy month of Ramadan. This is our prayer to the almighty creator, whether you call him God or Allah. You call him Jehovah or whatever name you want to call him. We pray to the creator and to the almighty, a day will come when we see justice throughout the world. The eradication of the unjust powers such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists. And the same way that we saw the British Empire wither away, the sun never set on it... the sun sets on it. We will see a day coming inshallah, God willing in our lifetime, where this empire, the Zionist empire, the American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah God willing."

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