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Jan 14, 2022
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Texas Islamic Scholar Abdulrazzak Junaid: Feminism Aims To Enslave Women In Capitalist Society; Islam Has Given Women Their Rights At A Level No Western Society Can Match

#9315 | 01:12
Source: The Internet - "Mesquite Islamic Center’s official YouTube channel"

American Islamic scholar Abdulrazzak Junaid said in a Friday sermon delivered at the Mesquite Islamic Center in a suburb of Dallas, Texas that the idea of feminism aims only to "enslave" women in capitalist societies. Junaid explained that this means that women must work for their bosses and make money instead of caring for their children. Junaid added that it is Islam that gave women their rights and that dignifies them "at a level no Western society can match." The sermon was posted on the Mesquite Islamic Center’s official YouTube channel on January 14, 2022.

Abdulrazzak Junaid: "That is what Islam is when it comes to our woman folk. We honor them, we respect them, we dignify them, at a level that no Western society can match. We gave them, Islam gave them their rights. This idea of feminism and whatnot, it's just to enslave them in the capitalist society.

"Go to work and work for your boss and make some money. Instead of spending time with the kids that you bore. To see motherhood as a bad thing, and that's our fault too. We have to remind these woman folk that motherhood is such a beautiful thing, by honoring our mothers, by honoring our woman folk.

"By honoring our mothers and our woman folk, we show that to these woman, that motherhood is a beautiful thing. That you don't have to go and become a slave to the capitalist system and start working just like we do."

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