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Sep 27, 2021
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Deputy PM Of Taliban Interim Government Abdul Salam Hanafi: We Appreciate Qatar's Role In Maintaining Peace, Hope It Continues To Send Us Humanitarian Aid; We Hope China Plays A Positive Role In The New Afghanistan

#9098 | 01:17
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Taliban official Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy PM in the Interim Government of Afghanistan, said that his country seeks to establish good ties with all the countries in the world, so long as they are based on mutual respect and Afghanistan's national interest, including the United States. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on September 27, 2021. Hanafi went on to acknowledge the importance of Afghanistan's relations with China and Qatar. He accused "foreign intelligence agencies" of orchestrating the recent attacks in Jalalabad, for which ISIS took responsibility.

Abdul Salam Hanafi: "The new government seeks to establish good relations with all countries, including the U.S., as long as they are based on mutual respect and [our] national interests.


"We hope that China, which is an important neighbor of Afghanistan, and a member of the U.N. Security Council, plays an important, and positive role in the new Afghanistan. We call on all countries to invest in Afghanistan, and we will provide them with security and all their needs.


"Qatar has played a productive role in establishing peace in Afghanistan, and maintaining its security, and we appreciate this role, especially when it comes to sending humanitarian aid. No one can ignore this role. We hope that Qatar continues to send aid.

"Foreign intelligence agencies in the region are behind the recent events in Jalalabad. We will not allow anyone to provoke chaos, and disturb security inside Afghan territory, and target our neighbors and global security from here."

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