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Jul 06, 2015
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Syrian Internet Animated Satire Mocks Relations between Nasrallah and Al-Assad

#5052 | 02:37
Source: Online Platforms

An animated satire posted on the Internet mocks the relations between Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah and Syrian President Al-Assad, showing them "borrowing" an FC Barcelona football victory to present as a Hizbullah victory. The animation, titled "Politics.1/2com", was posted on the Internet on July 6, 2015.

Nasrallah: "This victory, which was achieved by Hizbullah's mujahideen, who have taken over Tal Al-Moussa, is a great victory over the terrorists, the takfirists, the bourgeoisie, the capitalists, and any word with the letter 'r' that ends with 's.'"

Assistant: "Sir, you should cancel today's address, because the men couldn't get Tal Al-Moussa back from the terrorists."

Nasrallah: "I'll have to talk to my brother Bashar and borrow some victory from him."

Graphic on phone screen: Sheikh Hassan Air Horn

Al-Assad: "Hello, Sheikh Hassan."

Nasrallah: "Brother Bashar, I'm in trouble and I need your help. I need to borrow a victory, any victory. I have an upcoming speech."

Al-Assad: "First of all, let us define 'victory.' Victory in the philosophical sense..."

Nasrallah: "Brother, I don't need you to define anything. I need ANY victory..."

Al-Assad: "So you can talk about the victory of the resistance over the axis of evil."

Nasrallah: "I'm telling you that I need a victory, not illusions. I need a victory from yesterday or the day before."

Al-Assad: "Let me think a little. It's a goal, a goal... A goal by Messi. We achieved a victory in the Spanish league."

Nasrallah: "In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. 'If you support Allah, he will support you and plant firmly your feet.' Let me say this loud and clear: This victory could not have happened without the sacrifices of the heroic martyr Neymar, and the courageous deeds of Suarez, led by the leader of the Catalonian resistance, Sayyed Messi Jadallah. We shall soon show you a video of the victories, in which the players of Barcelona cry: 'Let us avenge the blood of Hussein.'"

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