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Feb 20, 2018
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Syrian Actor Owiss Mokhallati: I'm Impressed by Hitler’s Patriotism; If Only It Had Been Arab Patriotism

#6453 | 01:10
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

When asked on a Lebanese MTV show which historical leader impressed him, Syrian actor Owiss Mokhallati at first declined to say, but then relented and said: "It's Hitler." Following the audience's applause and laughter, he added: "Regardless of the violence he employed, Hitler was a patriot. If only it had been Arab patriotism..." The TV host joined in the hilarity, saying: "We salute Hitler." The show aired on February 20.

Host: "The path of which historic leader impresses you? Are there many?"

Owiss Mokhallati: "No."

Host: "So who? You don't want to say?"

Owiss Mokhallati: "I'm embarrassed to say. I'm afraid to say. But why should I be afraid? It's Hitler."

Host: "Hitler?"

Owiss Mokhallati: "Yes."

Host and audience laugh. Audience applauds.

Host: "You have left us confused."

Owiss Mokhallati: "I'd like to say one thing."

Host: "Go ahead."

Owiss Mokhallati: "Regardless of the violence he employed, Hitler was a patriot. If only it had been Arab patriotism... That's all. With love."

Host: "We salute Hitler..."

Guest: "Well, if he can hear us..."

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