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Feb 09, 2021
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Syrian Military Expert Col. Hatem Al-Rawi: Turkey Has The Right To Expand, Restore Its Ottoman Glory; Soon It Will Surpass Russia

#8695 | 03:03
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Colonel Hatem Al-Rawi, a Syrian military expert said that it is well within Turkey’s rights to seek expansion and the restoration of the glory of the Ottoman Empire. He made these remarks in a show that aired on Turkey's Arabic language channel 9, on February 9, 2021. Col. Al-Rawi said that it is more important for Turkey to pursue a traditional military industry than to produce a nuclear bomb, because nuclear bombs have become a thing of the past, as it is no longer possible to deploy them anywhere in the world. Col. Al-Rawi said that Turkey is on the rise, while Russia is ruled by mafias. He said that the day when Russia wishes it could compete with Turkey is not far, and it should not come as a surprise if Russia collapses.

Colonel Hatem Al-Rawi: "I say that Turkey's pursuit of a conventional military industry and its development to the levels that we are witnessing is a lot more important than producing a nuclear bomb, because nuclear bombs have become a thing of the past. It is no longer possible to use them anywhere in the world. Therefore, smart countries are countries that have developed their weapons, and have begun to produce locally systems that they used to import. This is what happened in Turkey's case.


"Just like any country in the world, Turkey also strives to restore its glory. It strives to restore the influence of the Ottoman state. It wants to reach that point, if it gets the opportunity. If it gets the chance, it won't miss it. Nobody misses such chances. Even if Somalia gets the chance, it would strive to expand and take over its neighbors.

"Turkey has set out on a path of restoring its Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was the last of the empires. It is still recent. Some of the people who lived in the days of the Ottoman Empire are still alive. Therefore, Turkey has the right to expand as much as it can. At the very least, if it does not expand militarily, as some people believe it should, it should stand tall in its place until it restores the glory of the Ottoman state.


"Take it from me: The day is not far when Russia wishes it could compete with Turkey, it is entirely clear..."

Interviewer: "You mean that Turkey will surpass Russia."

Al-Rawi: "I see that Turkey is on the rise and it is moving very smartly, while Russia is ruled by mafias. I mean what do you expect from a country that is ruled by mafias? Don't be surprised if you see Russia collapsing. Russia is not stable now. Russian streets today are..."

Interviewer: "Are full of demonstrations and protests..."

Al-Rawi: "Against Putin, and they will topple him."

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