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Jul 28, 2020
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Syria-Based American Pro-Jihadi Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem, Who Runs On The Ground News (OGN), Hosts Interview About Impact of COVID-19 On Muslims In South Africa

#8176 | 01:33
Source: The Internet - "OGN on YouTube"

On July 28, 2020, Syria-based American-Muslim media activist Bilal Abdul Kareem uploaded a video to On the Ground News in which he interviewed Mohammed Wadee, a South African Muslim activist. Kareem and Wadee discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Muslim community in South Africa.

Bilal Abdul Kareem: "Today, we have with us, from South Africa, Mohammed Wadee, and he is with an organization called Muslim Stats South Africa, and he is going to help us understand how the Muslim community in South Africa is handling the coronavirus or is the coronavirus handling them?"


Mohammed Wadee: "The Muslim community in South Africa has been hit quite badly by the virus, both in infections and as far as deaths are concerned."

Bilal Abdul Kareem: "How is the Muslim community in general responding to this coronavirus pandemic?"

Mohammed Wadee: "Every... Muslim has come up and has risen to the occasion."

Bilal Abdul Kareem: "Would you say that it is accurate to say that there's a renewed sense of spirit of cooperation in the communities, in the Muslim communities, there in South Africa?"


Mohammed Wadee: "In every... you know what we perceive to be bad is some good... So it has pushed many people to become closer to Allah, and to educate themselves more on the religion of Islam."

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