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Nov 07, 2004
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Suha Arafat: Allah Akbar, Palestinian Leaders Want to Bury My Husband Alive

#330 | 47
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

The following is the text of a message by Suha Arafat to the Palestinian people:

Suha Arafat: I call upon the Palestinian people, from the bedside of Yasser Arafat. Let it be known to the men of honor among the Palestinian people that a handful of "would-be heirs" are coming tomorrow to Paris in an attempt to bury Abu Ammar alive. I demand that you realize the magnitude if this conspiracy. I tell you: They are trying to bury Abu Ammar alive. Abu Ammar is well and he will return to his homeland. Revolution until victory! Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.

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