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Feb 24, 2005
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Sudanese Terrorist Captured in Iraq: I Killed 10 Soldiers, Received Terror Training in Syria

#572 | 04:31
Source: Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

The following are excerpts from the confession of a Sudanese terrorist detained in Iraq. The confession was aired on Al-Iraqiya TV on February 24, 2005:

Interviewer: This is the commander of the "Liberation Army" whose name is, what's your name?

Terrorist: Kazem Al-Duma Omar.

Interviewer: Speak up please.

Terrorist: Kazem Al-Duma Omar.

Interviewer: When were you born?

Terrorist: 1964.

Interviewer: What's your nationality?

Terrorist: Sudanese.

Interviewer: Whereabouts is Sudan?

Terrorist: The Al-Fasher area.

Interviewer: How long have you been in Iraq?

Terrorist: About 15 years.

Terrorist: At first, I worked in the antiques department, then I worked in the Al-Qahera restaurant, and after that I was a student. I joined the Liberation Army one year ago in the Al-Latakia area - the liberation army's headquarters.

Interviewer: In Syria?

Terrorist: Yes, in Syria.

Interviewer: Who recruited you?

Terrorist: I don't know his full name. I know him as Abu Bakr.

Interviewer: Abu Bakr, the commander of "the Al-Fateh Army"?

Terrorist: Yes.

Interviewer: Where did he meet you?

Terrorist: He met me one year ago near the border… the Syrian – Iraqi border. From there he took us to the Al-Latakia area, the Al-Latakia camps, where we were recruited to the training camps of the Liberation Army.

Interviewer: Did you meet Syrian intelligence officers?

Terrorist: I did, but I do not know them. He was our direct supervisor.

Interviewer: How many were you?

Terrorist: I was alone when he met me. This was assigned to me.

Interviewer: What was your role in the Liberation Army?

Terrorist: I was a commander in the Liberation Army, in charge of the Arab squad, which is composed of Egyptians and Sudanese. We were divided into two: the slaughter squad and the bombing squad.

Interviewer: What kind of operations did you carry out in Iraq?

Terrorist: Anyone who wants to become a commander had to kill ten people or more. My mission was to shoot ten soldiers.

Interviewer: Did you slaughter or shoot them?

Terrorist: I shot them, because I was the commander. There were bombing squads and other squads…

Interviewer: Were the people you killed Iraqis?

Terrorist: They were soldiers, but I don’t know whether Iraqi or American.

Interviewer: According to our intelligence, they were of the National Guard and the police.

Terrorist: their faces were covered, and Abu Bakr stood behind me, pointed a gun to my head and said: "shoot like this."

Terrorist: The word "slaughter" is a general term. I volunteered to "slaughter" by shooting, and not with a knife.

Interviewer: Who did you shoot there?

Terrorist: I only shot those ten…

Interviewer: In Syria, did you shoot Iraqis or Syrians?

Terrorist: There was no one to shoot there. The trainees would shoot at targets and aim for the head, to harden the heart.

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