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Nov 12, 2021
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Sudanese Islamic Scholar Dr. Abd Al-Hayy Yousuf: The UN Is A Jewish-Crusader Organization, Deposed PM Hamdok Is Their Agent, Permitted Homosexuality, Usury, Alcohol In Sudan

#9180 | 02:30
Source: Dorar TV (Sudan)

Sudanese Islamic scholar Dr. Abd Al-Hayy Yousuf, who serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Sudan Islamic Scholars Association and on the International Union of Muslim Scholars Board of Trustees, said in a Friday, November 12, 2021 sermon that the United Nations is a "Jewish, Crusader, atheist" organization founded on oppression and injustice. He said that the United Nations does not benefit Muslims and has stood idly by while massacres against Muslims have taken place in Palestine, Kashmir, and elsewhere. He also said that the recently-deposed Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok is an "agent" of the United Nations and is responsible for laws in Sudan that permit homosexuality, usury, and alcohol. He also accused Hamdok of "revoking the laws of Allah" and of corrupting education in Sudan. The sermon aired on Dorar TV (Sudan). For more about Dr. Abd Al-Hayy Yousuf, see MEMRITV clips Nos. 8366, 7824, 7780, and 2922.

Abd Al-Hayy Yousuf: "Oh Muslims, the United Nations is nothing but a Jewish, Crusader, atheist organization. The Muslims played no role in establishing he U.N., or in forming its laws and regulations.


"The International Energy Agency was established. The result was that it enabled five countries to posses nuclear weapons. Later on, it enabled this for the Jewish state. As for the Muslim countries – woe onto them if they so much as think about obtaining nuclear weapons.

"These organization are founded on oppression and injustice, and us Muslims do not benefit from them in any way. Moreover, massacres were carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Kosovo, in Palestine, in Kashmir, and currently there are massacres in India and elsewhere – all under the watchful eye of the U.N., which has not lifted a finger. Now they want to impose [Hamdok] as our prime minister.


"Why do they insist on this particular person? Because he is their agent. He carries out their wishes and fulfills their dictates. It was [Hamdok] who brought us those infidel laws, allowing homosexuality, permitting usury, revoking the laws of Allah, permitting the manufacture of alcohol, the corruption of education, and other great calamities, in the last two disastrous and accursed years.

"Now they want to impose this man on us again, so that there will be more failure, division, tribalism, in-fighting, insecurity, and more of the calamities suffered by all the people."

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