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May 31, 2015
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Sudanese Cleric Muzammil Faqiri: Communists Try to Lure Muslims into Accepting Darwinism

#5049 | 01:40
Source: Online Platforms

In a May 31 address at a Sudanese university, Sheikh Muzammil Faqiri warned students against the alleged conspiracies of local Communists who try to lure Muslims into participating in their meetings, in order to persuade them to accept Darwinism. "Eventually, you deny the existence of Allah and say that your father was an ape," warned Sheikh Faqiri.

Following are excerpts:

Sheikh Faqiri: Some students have addressed questions to me. The first question: "I am a Muslim, but I read books by Darwin. A friend of mine brings me these books. What's your advice?" First of all, you must stay away from this friend. What would you do if you had a friend who uses drugs? Your friend is a Communist who brings you Communist books. This Darwin was crazy in the head. He was completely insane. The flies buzzing around here are better than Darwin. By God, they are, because they praise Allah.


Darwin, on the other hand, was a polytheist, an infidel, and an atheist. He denied the existence of Allah, just like the Communists here.


A Communist would not tell you straightforwardly to become a heretic. He would say to you: "Come to a lecture. There will be 17 girls and two boys there." This is their trap. This is the bait they use to catch you. 17 girls and two boys! These girls are all foundlings, and nobody knows where they come from. They are all trash. Perhaps they fell off a garbage truck.


A week later, he says to you: We have a "red night." What is a "red night," you ask. He says: We have this and that... He deceives you. Gradually he lures you with songs, girls, and immorality. Eventually, you deny the existence of Allah and say that your father was an ape.


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