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Aug 23, 2017
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Sudanese Strategic Expert Maj.-Gen. Younis Mahmoud against Normalization with Israel: Crimes and Treachery Are in the Nature of the Jews

#6223 | 02:35
Source: Khartoum TV (Sudan)

Sudanese strategic expert Major-General Younis Mahmoud said that there is evidence in the Quran that "these Jews, these Zionists, never adhere to treaties" and that "the handiwork of the Jews and the Zionists" can be seen in today's problems. He was responding to comments made by Sudan's Investment Minister Mubarak Al-Mahdi in support of normalization of ties with Israel (see https://www.memri.org/tv/sudanese-investment-minister-normalization-israel-no-big-deal-arabs-peddled-palestinian-cause). Mahmoud, who also said that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated by the Jews because of the harsh things he had said about them, was speaking on Khartoum TV on August 23.


Major-General Younis Mahmoud: "Take the issue of normalization of ties with Israel, for example. Allah rebuked the Jews, saying: 'Whenever they made a covenant, a group of them threw it away. [In fact], most of them do not believe.' He also said: '...the ones with whom you made a treaty, but then they break their pledge every time, and they do not fear Allah. You will surely find the strongest people in animosity toward the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.' So we find in the Quran, in the very foundations of our faith, evidence that these Jews, these Zionists, never adhere to treaties. There is a historical conflict between them and the Arabs and Muslims.


"They occupied Palestine, after leaving various places around the world, in the days of the Balfour Declaration in 1948 (sic). They committed crimes in Palestine, which is still under occupation. All that they have done to the Arab countries in the various wars – in 1967, 1956, and 1973 – the unjustified killings, the destruction, both overt and covert, that has targeted the Arab nation... The fingerprints of the Jews and Zionists are on today's problems. All this needs to be brought to public awareness. We have 'programmed' and raised all our generations on enmity to Zionism. We taught them that [the Zionists] are the enemy, and now, after decades, along comes [Investment Minister Mubarak Al-Mahdi], and unravels everything saying: 'Let's forget about the whole legacy of enmity, and go for normalization of relations with the Jews!'




"Take a look at the relations of Zionism and of the Jewish state with Europe. Europe tried to rid itself of the Jews, throwing them into Palestine, because the damage caused in Poland, Spain, and Portugal throughout history was very tough for these [European] nations. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt said very harsh things about the Jews. Abraham Lincoln also had harsh things to say about the Jews – to the point that he was assassinated by them. That is the nature of the Jews."

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