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Apr 26, 2023
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Sudanese Islamic Scholar Dr. AbdulHay Yousif: Fighting The RSF Militia Is Considered Jihad; RSF Leader Hemeti, Politicians Who 'Fan The Flames Of War' Should Be Killed

#10261 | 02:25
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Sudanese Islamic scholar Dr. AbdulHay Yousif spoke about the violent internal conflict in his country on an April 26, 2023 show that aired on the Arabic-language Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Turkish Channel 9. He said that fighting the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia is considered Jihad for the sake of Allah and that its leader, Hemeti (Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan) and other people like him should be killed. Yousif continued to say that not only fighters should be killed but also politicians who have been "fanning the flames of war."

Dr. AbdulHay Yousif: "The political history of the Islamic state is soaked with blood. Therefore, I say that confronting and fighting [the Rapid Support Forces] constitute jihad for the sake of Allah.


"Fighting means killing."

Interviewer: "Does this apply to people like Hemeti [RSF commander Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan]?"

Yousif: "Yes. As I've said, the riling for a plundering aggressor applies to them. Imam Maki said: 'If someone comes to you with his iron weapons, kill him in any way you can.'


"The citizenship of some of them can be revoked – their leaders, the traitors, and so on. Furthermore, there should be a ruling that some of them are to be killed. Some people's evil cannot be stopped without them being annihilated. They should be killed, because they have become addicted to treason and hypocrisy.

"Let me just say that I do not mean only the fighters. In the ranks of the collaborating political parties, there are people who have fanned the flames of this war.


"You can hear some of them saying now that the Security Council should force a no-fly zone over Khartoum. They say that in the open. Clearly, they mean to restrict the army, and deny it of this effective measure which it can use to quell this rebellion.


"They have used this kind of deception time and again – not just recently, but for a long time now. They invited the international community and gave false testimonies about a genocide in Sudan, about ethnic cleansing, slave markets, and so on. They even gave these testimonies before the U.S. Congress. As a result, sanctions were imposed on Sudan, and people suffer from these sanctions to this very day.

"The harm of these people is lasting and recurring, and experts in shari'a and law must agree on measures to relieve the people of their evil."

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