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Jan 10, 2024
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St. Louis, Missouri Friday Sermon By Waleed Ashkar: Gaza Is Being Bombed By The Most Bigoted Category Of People, Whose Hateful Regime Was Instated As A Cancer In The Heart Of The Islamic Nation

#10822 | 01:50
Source: Online Platforms - "West Pine (Masjid Bilal) | IFGSTL YouTube account"

In a November 10, 2023 Friday sermon in St. Louis, Missouri, Sheikh Waleed Ashkar said that Gaza is being bombarded by the most hateful bigoted regime that "was instilled as a cancer in the heart of the Islamic nation." He said that these are "the most bigoted category of people you can ever meet." The sermon was uploaded to the West Pine (Masjid Bilal) | IFGSTL YouTube account.

Sheikh Waleed Ashkar: "The bombardment that is takin place now [in Gaza], the killing of the elderly, the women, and the children is nothing new. Yes, I did say [it was going on] for 34 days, but that is just the most recent event. It is as old as the age of the Earth, and the age of humanity.


"So this is nothing but a continuation of a series of massacres and atrocities of this very hateful regime, this very bigoted regime, that has been instilled as a cancer in the heart of the Islamic nation, in the most sacred place that the Islamic nation reveres.


"The most bigoted category of people you can ever meet are those people.


"By Allah, they are going to be summoned to the courts of Allah.


"Oh Allah, support the mujahideen fighting on Your behalf everywhere.


"Oh Allah, make our and their end martyrdom purely for Your sake, after hurting Your enemies and vanquishing them – martyrdom that is no more than the sting of an ant, and Paradise straight after that."

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