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Nov 09, 2023
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Senior Hamas Official Sami Abu Zuhri: Israelis Are A Bunch Of Bloodsuckers Who Derive Pleasure From Killing; Their Military Is Mentally Defeated And No Match For People Who Eagerly Pursue Martyrdom

#10625 | 02:00
Source: Al-Mahriah TV (Yemen)

Sami Abu Zuhri, head of the political department of Hamas abroad, said on a November 9, 2023 show on Al-Mahriah TV (Yemen) that Israeli society and military have been "mentally defeated." He said that Zionist society is not accustomed to or "receptive" of death, and therefore Israeli families of soldiers consider the death of their sons as a "tragedy," and this projects on the morale of the entire society. Abu Zuhri said that Palestinians are facing a "bunch of bloodsuckers," who derive pleasure from killing. He said that Israeli military was morally defeated by the October 7 attack and that the "occupation" cannot win against "fighters who eagerly chase martyrdom."

Sami Abu Zuhri: "In general, the occupation soldiers have been mentally defeated. We saw this during the battle of October 7, when all the Zionist military settlements in the Gaza Envelope were dismantled in a matter of hours. The so-called 'Gaza Division' evaporated. This was an example of the defeated nature and mentality of the occupation army. The occupation does not have real soldiers. It has an army, but this army is mentally defeated. One cannot win with such an army. On the other hand, when you have fighters who eagerly chase martyrdom, the outcome is well known.

"In addition, Zionist society is not accustomed to, or receptive of, death. For an [Israeli] family whose soldier son is killed this is a disaster and a tragedy, and they project their defeated spirit on the rest of Zionist society. Today, we are not talking about one, 10, 20 dead Zionists. We are talking about hundreds. Death has entered many homes, in most of the occupied Palestinian cities (Israel). This is reflected in a negative way on the cohesion of that society, and its determination to remain on the land of Palestine.


"Even though Israeli society is defeated, it is united behind its leadership in the matter of fighting. We are facing a bunch of bloodsuckers. (Israeli society derives pleasure from killing."

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