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Mar 18, 2019
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Shiite Iraqi Scholar Yousuf Al-Nasseri: Judaism Committed Greatest Massacre of Prophets in History When Jews Turned World against Jesus

#7185 | 01:44
Source: Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)

In a March 18, 2019 interview on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq), Yousuf Al-Nasseri, a Shiite Iraqi scholar and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Nujaba Movement, said that the mass killing of prisoners is a crime against humanity  that Islam – or other religions – cannot be held responsible for because it contradicts religious doctrine. He went on to say that Judaism committed the greatest massacre in history of prophets and messengers of Allah when the Jews tried to turn the entire world against Jesus.

Following are excerpts:


Host: In several of the raids [of early Islam], some of the [Islamic] commanders would kill thousands of captives. There are historical incidents that we can discuss, if you like. Wasn't that the beginning of Islamic extremism?




Yousuf Al-Nasseri: If such a thing really happened, it was preceded by massacres perpetrated by followers of all religions. Yet the religions themselves did not order the followers to commit these massacres. Such massacres are crimes against humanity, and they are unacceptable in Islam and in the other religions. But they are not a historical anomaly. So we should not find it peculiar that they happened, and we must not place most of the blame on the Islamic period. To be honest, the situation today…

Host: Let's stay with the history…

Yousuf Al-Nasseri:  Judaism committed the greatest massacre in the history of the prophets and messengers: They conspired and tried to bring the whole world together in order to kill Allah's messenger, Jesus. This is official. I did not only see it in books, but I asked some rabbis about it myself. Their answer was exactly like what people think and mention in history [books].

Host: This is a bit of a dangerous diagnosis… You say that the problem lies in the religions.

Yousuf Al-Nasseri: Are you afraid of the truth? Are you afraid of the history?

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