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Nov 23, 2021
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Senior Hamas Official Ismail Radwan Calls For Boycott Of British Goods, Says Jerusalem Terror Attack Was Appropriate Response To UK Ban Of Hamas

#9227 | 04:24
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

In a November 23, 2021 interview on Al-Alam TV (Iran), senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan called on Arabs and Muslims worldwide to boycott British goods in response to the United Kingdom's recent ban on Hamas. He also called on the British people to reject the ban and to "atone" for the "accursed" Balfour declaration, because otherwise, this will lead Britain to a clash with the Arab and Islamic world. In addition, Radwan said that the November 21 shooting in Jerusalem that left one Israeli dead and four injured was a "brave attack" and an appropriate response for Britain's "unjust and void decision." Radwan also thanked Iran for its "unlimited support" for the Palestinians.

Ismail Radwan: "This brave attack [i.e. the November 21 terror attack in Jerusalem] is the necessary response for this unjust and void decision – the decision by the British Home Secretary to place Hamas on the terror list. Her mentality is biased towards the Zionist occupation, and exemplifies the colonialist British mentality.

"This crime committed by Britain joins it record of crimes, starting with the accursed Balfour Declaration – those who did not own [Palestine] gave it to those who do not deserve it and do not have any right to this land – through to the Mandate, the occupation of Palestine by the British, and handing it over to the Zionist occupation.

"Britain, instead of apologizing to the Palestinian people and atoning for its crimes against our Palestinian people and for the disasters that befell our people – killing, oppression, banishment, detention, and the banishment of our people, our fathers and grandfathers from their homes... Instead of striving to bring about the end of the occupation, [Britain] commits another crime, in the qame month in which it issued the Balfour Declaration. Today Britain reaffirms its racist and colonialist mentality, which still exists today.


"Undoubtedly, this decision is a racist and fascist decision, made by a fascist and racist government. Even in Britain itself, the Arab and Muslim communities suffer from racial discrimination. So this government is a racist government.

"We call upon the free British people to reject this decision, and say to them that there must be atonement for Britain's crime and mistake – the Balfour Declaration and the occupation of Palestine. This decision must be rescinded. It must not be passed by the British parliament, because [otherwise] this will lead Britain to clash with the Arab and Islamic world.


"We call upon the Arab and Islamic nations to boycott British products, so that Britain understands the depravity of its crimes.


"We call upon all Arab and Muslims legal experts to wage lawfare against Britain in all the international forums, and not only because this decision is in contradiction of international law. This decision is in contradiction of international law, because international law legalized fighting and resistance against occupation.

"Wherever there is occupation, there is resistance. In addition, Britain must be prosecuted for its crime of the Balfour Declaration, its crime of occupying Palestine and handing it over to the Zionists, and its latest crime, in the form of this decision. [Britain] is the reason for the disasters, the massacres, and the catastrophes against our Palestinian nation.


"We always reiterate our gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran that provided – and keeps providing – unlimited support for the Palestinian resistance in Palestine. Even when Iran was put under siege because of its bold decision to support the resistance, even when Iran is faced with this unjust siege, and it is boycotted for supporting the Palestinian resistance..."

Journalist: "The IRGC, and specifically the Qods Force, were classified as terrorist organizations."

Radwan: "Right. And therefore we say that the Islamic Republic of Iran – with its IRGC and all its other components – stands by the Palestinian people and its resistance. Thus, [declaring Hamas as a terrorist organization] will never succeed because it failed with Iran, and Allah willing, it will fail with Palestine and its resistance."

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