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May 23, 2005
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Saudi Urologist Offers Lizard Kidneys (Dried and Ground) to Treat Impotence and Concludes: Birth Control Increase STDs

#695 | 05:44
Source: Qatar TV

The following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ibrahim 'Abd Al-Karim Al-'Arifi, a urologist in the King Fahd Military Hospital in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, which aired on Qatar TV on May 23, 2005.

Host: Let's talk about the medical treatments for impotence and about other methogs that are popular, especially among young people. Everybody says: "do this, take that…" I will mention several things, and you tell me if they are good or not.

Al-'Arifi: OK.

Host: Viewing porn films and naked pictures to increase the sexual appetite is common among young people.

Al-'Arifi: This is, of course, wrong. They might arouse temporarily, but as time goes by, if he likes it too much and gets used to it, hardly anything will arouse him, leading to impotence. It defeats the purpose in the long run, not to mention that it is forbidden by religion.

In ancient Islamic medicine, there's some kind of lizard called Sagangor.

Host: Sagangor?

Al-'Arifi: Yes. This is a lizard-like animal, a reptile that can be found in the Al-Nufudh and Al-Rub' Al-Khali areas. This animal is mentioned in many books, and a colleague of mine even studied this matter. You take the tissue surrounding its kidney, dry it, grind it up, and give it to the man. This strengthens his erection.

Host: This still needs to be researched scientifically.

Al-'Arifi: A colleague of mine wants to conduct such a study, but we've found references in several medical books by the greatest ancient Muslim doctors.

There are many causes for the spreading of STDs. The most important one is permissiveness. Another reason is the spread of prostitution worldwide. Prostitution existed in the West and has now spread to East Asia. People travel more and with greater ease, whether for business or tourism. This is one of the reasons for the spreading of STDs. The prevalence of birth control is another reason for the spread of STDs.

Host: How?

Al-'Arifi: Well, of course…

Host: They give a false sense of security.

Al-'Arifi: No doubt. There are even reliable studies, in which questionnaires were sent out and interviews were conducted with several women. They discovered that over 70% of under-age girls who fornicate cited as the main reason the existence of birth control.

Host: By the way, can a condom completely prevent STDs?

Al-'Arifi: Not completely, but it may reduce…

Host: By the way, this is one of the strategies used by the WHO to prevent the spreading of AIDS and STDs: They say "safe sex," but is there such a thing extra-marital safe sex?

Al-'Arifi: Absolutely not. There is no safe sex except in marriage. Even a condom can rupture during the sexual act, and other parts of the body can be exposed to germs and infection.

Host: Don't forget the transmission of germs and viruses through saliva, kisses etc.

Al-'Arifi: Undoubtedly.

Host: Let's talk about homosexuals and lesbians. This phenomenon began spreading, and is now legalized in some Western countries, which allow same-sex marriages. They now call these perverts "same-sex couples." Two men or two women can marry each other. First of all, we know that this is unnatural, but is this also scientifically related to sexual problems?

Al-'Arifi: The Prophet Muhammad said: "Allah cursed those who sodomize." He repeated this three times. All that applies to prostitutes applies to homosexuals – and even more.

Host: Lesbianism is like homosexuality, only in women.

Al-'Arifi: This is clearly a phenomenon that deviates from human nature, and is one of the causes for the spreading of STDs.

Host: Especially AIDS?

Al-'Arifi: AIDS, herpes, and genital warts are all spread via homosexuals and lesbians.

Ibn Al-Qayyem (by phone): We are an Islamic society. As far as sex is concerned, we Arabs are known to be the most sexually potent, with the help of Allah. What is the reason for this, Doctor?

Host: Brother Ibn Al-Qayyem says the Arabs are the most sexually potent men, is this true of false? I don't know, I've never heard this before.

Al-'Arifi: I thank brother Ibn Al-Qayyem. I've often heard this, but it has no reliable scientific proof. We certainly hope it's true. I support him in saying: "We Muslims..." When a Muslim follows his Islamic religion, with all its principles and values… I mean, when he avoids stimulation, watching porn, forbidden things, prostitutes - no doubt he preserves his potency and even grows stronger.

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