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Aug 06, 2004
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Saudi Sheik Abd Al-Qader Hammad: A Muslim is Not Allowed to Open His Heart to the Enemy of Allah

#191 | 01:06
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

Sheik 'Abd Al-Qader Shiba Al-Hammad spoke about Jews in history and how the Muslims should treat the enemy on the Saudi MBC station. Following are excerpts.

From the day civil strife began in Islam, the Jews were behind it. There is no evil in the world that the Jews are not behind. No evil in the world. Search in the East or the West, near or far, in the depths of history and in the future, and you will find that the finger of the Jews or of Jewish Masonism is behind everything. They attempted to corrupt Christianity and they attempted to corrupt Islam.

As for love, a Muslim is not allowed to open his heart to the enemy of Allah, to the enemy of His messenger, or to the enemy of the Prophet Muhammad's companions. No matter what, even if he is butchered, he must not open his heart and love them.

I ask you, is it possible for you to love someone who curses your God? Is it possible for you to love someone who curses your prophet? They claim that Allah is the third of three (Gods), and I am supposed to love them? They (i.e. Shiites) curse Abu Baker, 'Omar, and 'Othman, and I should love them?

I do not open my heart to them, but nor do I harm them. I treat them well. "Allah does not forbid you to be kind?" Allah did not forbid you to be kind to them, just to love them.

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