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Nov 26, 2021
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Saudi Journalist Abdullah bin Bijad: Hamas Is a Murderous Political Organization; It Only Claims to Represent Palestine, Jerusalem, Islam – In Reality, It Serves Iranian Plots to Occupy the Arab World

#9212 | 04:57
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Journalist and researcher Abdullah bin Bijad said in a November 26, 2021 interview on MBC TV (Saudi Arabia) that Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization that only claims to represent the causes of Palestine, Jerusalem, and Islam, while in reality advances Iranian plots to destroy and occupy the Arab world. He said that Hamas and its actions are political in nature, and not religious, and criticized it for killing Palestinians and attacking journalists to further its political goals.

Journalist: "What does it mean that Britain designated Hamas as a terrorist group, especially now?"

Abdullah bin Bijad: "It means that Britain should have done this earlier. Hamas has been a terrorist movement for decades, and it has been directing its terrorism against the Palestinians and the Arab countries, even before carrying out terror operations under the pretext of 'liberating Palestine' or things like that. There are many examples of this. Their ties to the Houthi militia that calls itself Ansar Allah is proof of their complete integration in the Iranian plan against the Arab countries.

"Iran is killing people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. All these dead people mean nothing to the leaders of Hamas, because they are integrated in [Iran's political] design. That's the first thing. Second, Hamas is the greatest manifestation of mixing the sanctity of religion with the actions of a political movement, and then peddling it to the public.

"Hamas is a political party, it is a murderous terrorist organization. It has killed Palestinians, and the report that was aired earlier showed a small part of this. It has destroyed... It has killed many poor Palestinians. It has launched rockets from buildings full of civilians so that [Israel] would bomb these buildings, and then Hamas would be able to do PR [with the pictures].


"This organization is a violent terrorist political party. It hates Muslims and the Arabs, it incites to kill them, and it carries out plots against them. Therefore, we must never confuse the Hamas movement and the Jerusalem issue. [The Al-Aqsa Mosque in] Jerusalem belongs to all Muslims, it is a holy place about which there are negotiations with Israel and the world. Hamas does not represent [Jerusalem's] holiness, and it has nothing to do..."

Journalist: "It represents the [Palestinian] cause."

Abdullah bin Bijad: "No, the Palestinian cause is a political cause. If you involve the Al-Aqsa Mosque, it becomes a sacred cause. The fact that Hamas and other groups have been exploiting this throughout history does not mean that this is the position of Islam.


"Hamas isn't doing anything to liberate Palestine. Hamas is too lowly – as far as the Palestinians and the Arabs are concerned – to do anything against Israel. So they have some firecrackers that do nothing but give Israel an excuse to bomb them, because they are serving the Iranian plans and Iran's goals. Iran has prevented Hizbullah from engaging any significant friction with Israel, and then it incited Hamas [to attack Israel] at every opportunity. Hamas is much weaker than Hizbullah as far as weapons, men, and many other things, and despite this, they are willing to let the Palestinians in Gaza die for the sake of Iranian Ayatollah [Khamenei].


"Hamas is a pragmatist political movement that has nothing to do with Islam, with the Quran, or with the Sunnah. All these things constitute a front, in the service of Iran's political goal of occupying the Arab countries. If Hamas could kill the Palestinians, as well as the poeple of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, it would do so. Who supports Hizbullah's crimes in Lebanon? Hamas. Who supports the crimes of the Iranian militias that are slaughtering the Syrians? Hamas. And the same is true in Iraq and Yemen.


"When we [Arabs] supported the [Palestinians] in every way possible, Hamas secretly worked against the [Arab] regimes, because for them, the Palestinian cause is a cover they use to conceal their actions. Hamas's policy since its coup in the Gaza Strip is as clear as day.


"When there are altercations with Israel, [Hamas] launches rockets on the roof of the building of the media outlets and international news agencies. Why? So that when Israel responds, there will be an international uproar. As far as they are concerned, everyone can die, as long as their slogans are on the rise.


"Humans are not treacherous and liars by nature. Unfortunately, all these terrible characteristics are found in these [Hamas] people."

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