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Oct 26, 2016
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Saudi Imam Zayd Al-Bahri's Execution Tips: An Eye for an Eye, an Evil Eye for an Evil Eye

#5755 | 03:12
Source: Online Platforms

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on October 27, 2016, Saudi imam Zayd bin Musfir Al-Bahri discussed how executions should be carried out, saying that while "some jurisprudents" say that for any premeditated killing, execution should be "by the sword alone," "some scholars" say that "the perpetrator should be treated the same way he treated the victim." The following are excerpts:


Zayd Al-Bahri: "How should a person who killed somebody be executed? Some jurisprudents say that the execution should be by the sword alone."




"They say that if a person shoots somebody with a gun, drowns him in water, strangles him with a rope, runs him down deliberately with his car, throws him into a cage with a beast of prey, like a lion, throws him to snakes, which bite him to death, or gives him poison to drink... They say that for any form of premeditated killing, the punishment is carried out by the sword. However, some scholars say - and this is most likely true - that the perpetrator should be treated the same way he treated the victim."




"If he drowned the victim in water, he should be drowned in water. If he strangled him with a rope, he should be strangled with a rope. If he chopped off his hands and then his legs, before chopping off his head - the same should be done to him."




"Take, for example, a case in which a man chops off another man's head with a sword, or kills him with a gun. This undoubtedly constitutes a form of premeditated killing. But is it the same as when a man chops up another man piece by piece, before getting to the head? No, it's not the same. Both are premeditated killings, but they are different. Therefore, just as he cut the victim piece by piece, he should be cut piece by piece."




"If a person who is known to be able to give the evil eye committed premeditated killing by giving someone the evil eye, he should be killed the same way. Someone who knows how to give the evil eye should be brought over and should be told to give him the evil eye. This points to the sanctity of the blood of a Muslim. The only exception is when a man kills in a method that is haram. If he makes the victim drink alcohol or take drugs until he dies, he is executed by the sword, not by using a method that is haram. But in all other cases, if he cuts off the victim's nose or ear, for example - the same is done to him."


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