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Feb 08, 2005
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Saudi Child Rahaf's Counter-Terrorism Poem

#537 | 01:37
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

The following is a poem recited by Saudi child Rahaf during the Saudi Counter-Terrorism Campaign. Channel 1, Saudi TV aired this poem on February 8, 2005:

Rahaf: This is a message to anyone trying to frighten us and to to undermine our security. I am your daughter, I am your sister, I am the daughter of this homeland. Together against terror, together against terror. No to terror, no to terror.

Interviewer: Do you have a poem, Rahaf?

Rahaf: I begin by mentioning the one who defeated the nation of Pharaoh,

and granted Muhammad victory in the battle of Al-Ahzab.

One great God, who owns the universe.

He punishes severely, but forgives those who repent.

This poem I recite with a bleeding heart,

due to the deeds of the bats of terror.

Children who do not understand what is happening.

Children whose bodies were scattered among toys.

Policemen keep vigil while their families sleep.

They spend the night in the streets while we are at home.

In air-conditioned [cars] the policemen patrol, guarding our homes from all the thieves.

This homeland is safe because of its leadership.

The Creator is protecting it.

Oh, gang of terrorists, what do you gain?

Your end will be by a sword, slitting your throats.

Today or the day after tomorrow you will cease to exist.

This is no jest. There will be no dialogue with you. Goodbye.

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