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Oct 22, 2015
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Saudi Blogger Wields Dagger in Antisemitic Skit, Celebrates "Jerusalem Intifada" - Archival

#5973 | 02:47
Source: The Internet - " Anas Iskander on YouTube"

In a video-clip posted on the Internet in October 23 2015, Saudi blogger Anas Iskander parodied a stereotypical Orthodox Jew, and exchanged accusations with him, calling him a "filthy Zionist" and disputing the question of historic rights to the land. In the skit, titled "Palestine Belongs to the Jews?! Strange and Dreadful Info," Iskander wielded a dagger in support of "the Jerusalem Intifada," saying that this was self-defense and that "we are not killing innocent people with our knives."


Anas Iskander as Orthodox Jew: "Palestine belongs to the Jews. Muslim Arabs stole our land. Terrorists! Occupiers!"


Anas Iskander: "You liar! The first to live in Palestine were the Jebusite Canaanite Arabs, over 6,000 years ago. To this day, there are Palestinian tribes of Canaanite origin. The Jews were not the first people to live in Palestine. Palestine is a holy land. Our Lord gave it to His faithful servants. He had given it to the Jews, but when they betrayed Him, did not comply with His orders, and ignored His prohibitions, they lost their right to Palestine, and it became the property of the Muslims. After World War II, the U.N. issued a resolution, according to which seizing land through military invasion is unacceptable. Well, the Jews seized Palestine through a military invasion! The problem is that a year after the military invasion, the U.N. recognized the Jews. The bottom line is that the Jews have no rights to Palestine – no historic rights, no divine rights, and no political rights."


Anas Iskander as Orthodox Jew, fingers in ears and humming to himself: "Are you done? You are a liar! We bought the land of Palestine. The Palestinians sold their land and their honor."


Anas Iskander: "The filthy Zionist is lying, as usual. The Zionists made the Palestinians choose between two options: Either they would take their land by force, or kill them and then take their land by force. To this very day, Palestinians all over the world hold the deeds to their lands inside Palestine – lands stolen by the Jews. This proves that the Palestinians did not sell their land or their honor.


"From the outset, the Jews seized Palestine in a dirty and barbaric way. The Jews experienced massacres, killings, and racism worldwide. In 1898, they decided to assemble and establish a new state for themselves. They chose Palestine, and they started to emigrate there. At first, they were polite and cute. With the support of Britain, emigration grew, and their numbers in Palestine grew. Their viciousness grew with every passing day, and they began to establish evil terrorist gangs. They began to kill Palestinians.


"In 1948, the Jews declared war and began to annihilate the Palestinians. They killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, and established their evil state."


Anas Iskander as Orthodox Jew: "How does this idiot know these things? You are a liar!"


Anas Iskander, brandishing knife: "Who is a liar?"


Anas Iskander as Orthodox Jew: "You are a liar. Palestinians are terrorists. They want to kill us with knives. Terrorists!"


Test pattern on screen


Anas Iskander: "Strange! We take knives to defend ourselves and we are labeled 'terrorists.' The Jews fight us with tanks, planes, rockets, and heavy weaponry, and the entire world defends them. And besides, we are not killing innocent people with our knives. As you all know, the entire Zionist people is trained to bear arms, and they can become soldiers at any moment and fight us."


Test pattern on screen


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