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Oct 30, 2016
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Saudi Activists Defy Guardianship of Women in TV Debate: The State Still Considers Women to Be Inferior

#5751 | 05:40
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi women's rights activist Nasema Al-Sada called for the state to make decisions "that will bring about a qualitative change in the lives of women" and recognize that "the woman is a equal citizen with mental maturity." The issue of the guardianship of women was discussed In a TV debate, broadcast by Rotana Khalijiya TV on October 30. another participant, activist Aziza Al-Yousef, recounted a case of a woman who "could have died" because the hospital could not locate her husband so that he could approve her C-section. "The state still considers the woman to be inferior and not full capable," she said.

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