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Feb 26, 2022
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Russian Soldier Detained And Interrogated By Ukrainian Forces: Nothing Was Explained To Us, I Don't Know Anything

#9461 | 02:19
Source: Online Platforms - "Suspilne Sumy YouTube channel "

On February 26, 2022, Ukraine's Public Broadcasting Company, Suspilne, uploaded to its Suspilne Sumy YouTube channel a video of a captured Russian soldier who identified himself as Senior Sergeant Bugantsov Roman Vasilievich being interrogated by Ukrainian forces. Vasilievich said that he was from Belgorod, that he belonged to the communications troop of the Moscow unit, and that he had received orders to accompany fuel trucks without receiving an explanation about the trucks' destination. When pressed about invading Ukraine, Vasilievich said: "Nothing was explained... I don't know anything." The interrogators then asked Vasilievich for his address and for his family's contact information so that they could call them and explain that he is okay and that he is in Ukraine. At the end of the video, Vasilievich begins crying. Reportedly, media outlets have contacted Vasilievich's mother and confirmed his identity and that he is a Russian soldier.

Interrogator: "There were five cars, and one of them was yours. There were nine fuel trucks, and there were soldiers in cars. In addition, there were four cars. And how many fuel trucks were there?

Bugantsov Vasilievich: "There were nine fuel trucks. They should be ahead of us. I was in the last car."

Interrogator: "So you wanted to take over Ukraine? How was coming here explained to you?"

Vasilievich: "I was ordered to accompany fuel trucks."

Interrogator: "Was it explained to you where you are going?"

Vasilievich: "Nothing was explained."

Interrogator: "Where are the fuel trucks heading?"

Vasilievich: "I don't know anything."

Interrogator: "Don't lie to us."

Vasilievich: "I don't know anything."

Interrogator: "Tell us where you are from."

Vasilievich: "I'm from Belgorod."

Interrogator: "Military unit?"

Vasilievich: "Moscow military unit, communications troops."

Interrogator: "Are there any radios left? What are your communications channels? What's your military rank?"

Vasilievich: "Senior Sergeant."

Interrogator: "Your name and patronym?"

Vasilievich: "Bugantsov Roman Vasilievich."

Interrogator: "Your address in Belgorod?"

Vasilievich: "Belgorod Oblast, Belgorod district, the village of Komsomolskoe, number seven."

Interrogator: "Your phone number? We need it to call [your relatives] and explain that everything is okay... That you are fighting in Ukraine and killing people..."

Vasilievich: "I have my wife's phone [number]."

Interrogator: "Tell us... Do you have your mom's phone [number]?"

Vasilievich: "I don't have it..."

Interrogator: "Call your wife..."

Vasilievich: "Only my grandma...

Interrogator: "Alright, quiet, calm down."

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