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Feb 24, 2024
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Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin On Reports That U.S. Approved Supplying F-16 Fighter Jets To Ukraine: The World Is Closer Than Ever To Nuclear War; Russia's Nuclear Program Is Not Just A 'Bargaining Chip'; Ukraine Must Cease To Exist

#10918 | 02:39
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin said in a February 24, 2024 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that the world is "closer than ever" to a nuclear war. Referring to the United States' recent approval of supplying F-16 fighter jets from Denmark and the Netherlands to Ukraine, he said that the West is carrying out "provocative" measures. Dugin said that Russia has no way of knowing whether these planes are carrying nuclear warheads and therefore it might very well lead Russia to resorting to the use of strategic or tactical nuclear weapons against Poland, Ukraine, London, Berlin, or New York. He added that Western politicians are being "irresponsible" when they think that Putin will not "respond in kind," and he added that Russia's nuclear program is not merely a bargaining chip or a decoy. Dugin continued to say that when it comes to nuclear war, it is important to be the first one to start it and to "push the red button." Regarding Ukraine, Dugin said that Russia wants it to cease to exist in its current form.

Interviewer: "You recently said that the world is closer to a nuclear war. How realistic is this?'

Alexander Dugin: "It seems to me that the world is closer than ever. This is because the dominant approach in the West – globalization and liberalism – does not tolerate any different views.


"They will carry out provocative actions, such as giving F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.


"Lavrov warned that we would have no way of knowing for sure whether the F-16 fighters are carrying nuclear warheads, which could be launched to target Russia. This might lead Russia, in some cases, to resort to the use of strategic nuclear weapons – not tactical weapons – in Poland or in Ukraine.

"The scope might expand to include London, New York, Berlin... Nobody wants this, obviously, but when irresponsible Western politicians hint to such nuclear confrontation, thinking that Vladimir Putin will not respond in kind, under any circumstances, as if Russia's nuclear program is merely a bargaining chip or decoy, this constitutes irresponsible behavior."

Interviewer: "So you are convinced that if necessary, Moscow will not hesitate to use strategic nuclear weapons?"

Dugin: "Absolutely. This is not just about self-defense. We do not know what the F-16 fighters are carrying. Nobody knows. One might claim that these planes are not carrying nuclear warheads, but how we be sure? One should take into account that in case of a nuclear war, it is important to be the one starting it, the first to push the red button, because if you do not take advantage of the time factor to be the first one, you will definitely not get a chance to be the second.


"What do we want from Ukraine? We want it to cease to exist in its current form, with its current borders, current political regime, current policy, current ideology, current industries, and current military. All of these are unacceptable."

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