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Feb 06, 2018
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Russian MP Tamara Pletneva on Upcoming Presidential Elections: There Are Only Falsifications

#6441 | 00:44
Source: Online Platforms

Russian MP Tamara Pletneva of the Communist Party said, when interviewed in a street poll about the upcoming presidential elections, that although she would vote, "there are no real elections, only falsifications." Pletneva, who has been a member of Duma since 1993 and currently serves as deputy chair of the Duma Committee on Family, Women, and Children's Affairs, explained that a municipal authority head had said to her: "If they tell me to vote for an ape, I will do so." The footage was posted on YouTube on February 6.

Tamara Pletneva: "I will vote [in the elections], probably for my representative. I'm in the Communist Party."

Interviewer: "We're asking people about the results of the election. Do you think they will change anything in our country?"

Tamara Pletneva: "They won't change a thing. There are no real elections, only falsifications. The head of a municipality in the area said to me: 'If they tell me to vote for an ape, I will do so.'"

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