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Mar 15, 2007
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Russian Hell 5 - A Chechen Recruitment Video

#234 | 05:02

The 'Russian Hell 5' video, posted online at and other addresses, shows attacks carried out by the Islamic terrorist movement in Chechnya in the summer of 2003. This is the fifth segment in this video series.

The second part of the movie displays video footage of various attacks, including the downing of a helicopter, with voices speaking in Russian and in Arabic in the background. The first part of the movie shows a conference of the Chechen 'Council of the Military Shura' in which they plan terrorist attacks for the spring and summer of 2003.

A voice in the background reads in Arabic:

>In early spring of 2003, the general Shura council of Chechnya convened under the direction of Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov. The military Shura council is an important element in the state under war conditions, and it has other roles apart from those concerned with war. The council has a communications committee, an Islamic Da'wa committee, a social defense committee,and a Shari'a committee.

All of this demonstrates the unity of the Muslims and the fact that they are well organized. This makes them seek Allah's words. May Allah protect me from Satan: "Allah loves those who fight for His sake united like a strong building reinforced with lead." Others participating in the conference included the Emirs of the groups, the commands, and the various fronts, such as Abdallah Shamil Basayev, Hamza Ghelayev, Abu Al-Walid, Abd Al-Halim, Abu Amr, Duqu Amarah, and others.

At the meeting of the council they discussed the political and military situation in Chechnya and the planned military operations for the spring and summer of 2003. Following this meeting the number of military operations against the Russians greatly increased, including the destruction of military convoys, ambushes, attacks on Russian bases, and bombings in Russian cities.

When the infidels saw that they were incapable of repressing the resistance of the mujahideen by military means, they turned to a media war of endless lies and deceit. They declare that the mujahideen forces and their commanders have been defeated and dispersed, and that they are incapable of organized resistance against the Russians. There is no truth to these rumors and false declarations, by which the Russians attempt to hide the fact that they are not in control of the military and political situation in Chechnya. Despite of the difficulties of the Jihad, the mujahideen ranks continue to grow and they have been reinforced by the new generation.

Some of the enemies of Islam attempt to portray the Jihad in Chechnya as a war of Chechen nationalists against the Russians, in an attempt to gain their freedom. This runs counter to the slogan of the mujahideen in Chechnya. Their main slogan is "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet." One of their goals, of course, is to liberate the land of the Muslims from the infidels In order to establish Allah's shari'a over it. Allah made our nation the best among the nations, as it says in the Koran, and may Allah protect me from Satan: "You are the best nation that has been created for mankind..."

They know that Allah promised them one of two good things: imminent victory or Heaven, with rivers flowing beneath it."

Due to a lack of filming equipment and a shortage of funds to purchase the necessary equipment, we are only able to present you, the viewer, with a few of these operations.

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