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Oct 26, 2022
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Russian Ambassador To Lebanon Alexander Rudakov: We Have Significant Military Coordination With Iran; I See No Problem With Russia Using Iranian-Made Drones Or Other Weapons

#9890 | 01:13
Source: LuaLua TV (Bahraini Opposition)

Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Rudakov said in an October 18, 2022 show on LuaLua TV (Bahrain) that Russia has been cooperating militarily with Iran to stop "takfiri ideology from spreading in Syria." He also said that he sees no problem in Russia using Iranian-made drones or weapons, and he said that Russia does not use these drones against civilian targets.

Alexander Rudakov: "Our cooperation with Iran began with the efforts to stop takfiri ideology from spreading in Syria.

"We have significant coordination with Iran in these military operations. I don’t see any problem, for example, in using drones, or any weapons [manufactured by Iran]."

Interviewer: "This is an exchange of expertise."

Rudakov: "Well, we can call it that. It is an exchange of ideas to see what is best. However, we must be precise about one thing: These drones are not used against civilian targets, but only against military installations."

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