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Dec 02, 2023
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Retired Lebanese Judge Peter Germanos: Lebanon Is Turning Into Venezuela Without The Oil – A Rogue State That Rejects International Resolutions

#10711 | 01:23
Source: Voice of Lebanon

Retired Lebanese judge Peter Germanos said in a December 2, 2023 interview on Voice of Lebanon Radio that Lebanon is turning more and more into a leftist rogue state by refusing to abide by UN resolutions such as 1701 and others. But he added that while North Korea has nuclear power, Cuba has vast territory and food, and Venezuela has oil, Lebanon has nothing.

Peter Germanos: "Lebanon is turning more and more into a leftist rogue state, like Venezuela and all those countries. At least, North Korea has its nuclear power and capabilities, Cuba has [vast] territory and food, and Venezuela has oil. We've got nothing. We've got nothing, but we insist on...

"I'd like to point out that this has nothing to do with Shi'ite-Christian, Sunni-Christian, or Islamic-Christian relations. This culture has struck root within the Lebanese people – that we are a rogue country, an outlaw country, which refuses to abide by UN resolutions, like 1701 and others, or by financial resolutions or the IMF. So what do you want to do? The people need to know where they are heading, and I will tell them.

"The great Lebanese people are heading towards a very bad situation."

Radio host: "Worse than our current situation?"

Germanos: "Worse. Worse. We will become a Venezuela without oil."

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