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Oct 22, 2014
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Reactions on Egyptian TV to Sinai Terror Attacks: We Want to See Blood, Executions, Corpses!

#4589 | 04:25
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)Mehwar TV (Egypt)Nile News (Egypt)Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

This video-clip presents a compilation of responses on Egyptian TV channels by TV hosts and commentators to the recent terror attacks in the Sinai. TV host Ahmad Musa said, on Sada Al-Balad TV: "I want to see the blood from executions in the dozens, in the hundreds... I want to see corpses. Corpses of terrorists, of murderers." TV host Amr Adeeb said, on Al-Youm TV: "We will not rest until we finish off those sons of bitches." The responses aired between October 22 and 30, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Sada Al-Balad TV, October 24, 2014

Egyptian TV host Ahmad Musa: I'd like to say something loud and clear, and I don't want anyone to be upset with me. No one should be upset with me. If we do not take revenge for today's [terror attack] – right now, or tomorrow morning – instead of the 50 casualties we had today, we will have a hundred. We will have 400 casualties, not 50. 10,000 casualties, not 50. Our country is at war now, and we should say this loud and clear.


A state of emergency should be declared everywhere. Starting tomorrow, not a single demonstration should be allowed at any university. As of tomorrow, not a single dog should be allowed to go on a demonstration. Not a single dog should be allowed to chant slogans against the army. Not a single dog should be allowed on the streets, unless he is on his way to work.


Tomorrow, I want to see blood. I want to see blood right now. I want to see the blood from executions in the dozens, in the hundreds. I'm serious. Any killer should be killed. I don't want to see arrests. Enough with this arrest nonsense. I don't want to see arrests. I don't want to hear about arrests. I want to see corpses. Corpses of terrorists, of murderers.


Egypt's Channel 1, October 30, 2014

Egyptian TV host Hikmat Abd Al-Hamid: The threats of the terrorists, the treats of [Mohamed] Beltagy, continue to ring in our ears. They said that the attacks in the Sinai would not stop unless the deposed Morsi returns to power, and we say that these attacks will only stop when Morsi is executed. This is the best answer to that threat.


Al-Youm TV, October 30, 2014 (via the Internet)

Egyptian TV host Amr Adeeb I'm upset with the president because he doesn't know who the Egyptians are. Today, the president asked us to make sure that no one drives a wedge between us. Who could possibly drive a wedge between us, Mr. President?! Have you forgotten who we are?! Have you forgotten who we are?! We are Egyptians, Mr. President. That's right. We are Egyptians, Mr. President.


We will not rest until we finish off those sons of bitches. We will not rest until we finish off those sons of bitches.


Mr. President, do not be deterred by any of those [NGO] homosexuals. Those homosexuals do not know Egypt. They would have been strung up by their feet by the Muslim Brotherhood, if not for the June 30 [revolution].


Sada Al-Balad TV, October 25, 2014

Former Islamic Jihad leader Nabil Naeem: Wasn't it America, which purports to defend liberties, that decided to eradicate the Baath Party? Didn't the Americans decide to eradicate the Nazi Party? The Nazis were not collaborators. They turned Germany into the strongest power upon the Earth. The Nazi Party never struck an alliance with collaborators. No Nazi ever betrayed Germany, but 70 years later, the Nazi Party is still outlawed.

So why do the Americans prevent us from doing what they themselves did?


Mehwar TV, October 25, 2014

Senior military officer (ret.) Muhi Al-Din Al-'Ashmawi: Let me tell you, people, Allah sent President Al-Sisi to save Egypt. Just like Allah sent Joseph to serve Egypt during the seven lean years, He sent Al-Sisi in order to save Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood. It's enough to see Al-Sisi turns to God, saying: "Oh Lord, stay by Egypt's side."

Al-Sisi is the son of Hussein. He is the son of Egypt. He is the great leader who defends Egypt. He promised us that this would not end this way. Resolute and decisive measures must be taken, in order to wipe out terrorism once and for all.


Nile News TV, October 22, 2014

Egyptian General (ret.) Hussam Sweilam: You can forget about reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Don't even talk to me about reconciliation. Reconciliation means giving up. It means we are weak. If you give them a little power, they will hit you harder.


We should strike them, even if innocent people are hurt. It is not important.


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