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Jun 10, 2018
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Ramallah Protests: PA Sanctions against Hamas-Ruled Gaza Are a Crime; PA and Abbas Responsible for the Slow Death of Gaza

#6628 | 02:22
Source: Al-Quds TV (Lebanon)

Mass demonstrations broke out on June 10 in Ramallah, in protest against the Palestinian Authority's handling of the situation in Gaza. Protesters demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop withholding salaries from employees in Gaza. The sanctions against Gaza are "a crime," said activist Omar Assaf. Another activist called to lift the sanctions off Gaza: "The PA and Mahmoud Abbas are responsible for the slow death in Gaza." The footage from the demonstrations aired on Al-Quds TV (Lebanon) on June 10.

Reporter: "There have been demands to refrain from calling the [PA measures against Gaza] 'sanctions' in the media, because these sanctions have been lifted."

Omar Assaf: "Why play it down? Why misguide [the people]? These sanctions are a crime, and they have been continuing not just from today, but for months against our families in the Gaza Strip. What do you call stopping the salaries? What do you call cutting salaries in half? What do you call non-existent electricity? What would you call all this? Measures? What measures? Who is being punished? Our people in Gaza are experiencing it personally. These sanctions are a crime that must be stopped."

Reporter: "In the middle of these bickerings, the people are the victims. We are talking about 135 people who have been martyred lately, in addition to a large number of victims as a result of these sanctions on Gaza."

Omar Assaf: "We are demanding to put an end to it because our people are paying the price. It is inconceivable that we debate whether to treat a wounded person, or to delay the treatment of someone who was wounded by the occupation. We cannot go on like this. Enough, enough, enough! All the people are united in their demand to lift the sanctions off Gaza. All those in charge, and first and foremost President Abbas, must listen to the voice of the people and lift these sanctions."


Reporter: "What message do you want to convey to the Palestinian Authority?"

Woman: "My message is: 'Lift the sanctions off Gaza.' It is shameful, unreasonable, and harmful to the national dignity that the occupation lays a siege on Gaza, shoots our people there and kills them, while the PA adds more sanctions like stopping salaries, and preventing basic humanitarian services like electricity, water, and medical treatment. Enough humiliation, enough oppression. Lift the sanctions off our people in Gaza. The PA and Mahmoud Abbas are responsible for the slow death in Gaza. A massacre is happening in Gaza by Palestinian hands and a Zionist siege."

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